A Native Christology: Kinship

Jesus Abitchiba, by Leland Bell
The 15th Station of the Cross: Resurrection

—Steven Charleston’s thoughts, summarized by Anne Baxter Smith from The Four Vision Quests of Jesus [Steven Charleston bio and book]

Easter is not about a few of us getting to escape this sorrowful situation because we grabbed the coattails of Christianity and made it out before the big collapse.

It is not about something Jesus did for me, it is about who he became for us. 

Jesus did not die as a blood sacrifice of atonement, nor was his death divine retribution. It was an act of divine self-sacrifice, a love so profound that it brought enough Good Medicine in the world to heal the broken hoop of the nation for every person on earth.

The tombs broke open, people were raised. Individuals isolated by burial and exiled from the family of the people, were restored to communal life.

Jesus, the Christ, came out of the grave and rejoined the tribe of human beings. Isolation is rolled back. 

On the Cross, Jesus restored the most essential aspect of creation: KINSHIP. 

It is the prodigal son story on a cosmic level.


‘All of my relatives’ 

You are invited to listen to this wonderful 9-minute video (on Facebook) in which James Vukelich Kaagegaabaw shares the relational, cultural and spiritual implications of this important phrase to the Anishinaabe peoples: “All of my relatives.’ A descendent of Turtle Mountain, James is an author and the creator of Ojibwe Word of the Day. He is recognized as a leading voice on the interconnectedness of language and culture; his insights were developed through speaking with and recording elders and native language speakers  (many of whom have since passed on) in Canada, Michigan and Minnesota as part of the Ojibwe Language Dictionary Project.

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Sun. May 1  Kinship I
Speaker: Jen Hubbard
Samuel 16:1-13 

Sun. May 8 Kinship II
Speaker: Anne Baxter Smith

Sun. May 15 
Speaker: Nadia VanderKuip
Kinship III

Sun. May 22 All In
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Kinship IV

Sun. May 29 
Fifth Sunday Fun—Stay tuned!

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