The Church at Southpoint is a small, welcoming and affirming church in South Surrey, BC. We are open to all who are hungry and thirsty for Christ. We seek to be a community of grace that is intentional yet organic; spacious yet authentic; relationally flexible yet with structures that support loving engagement with God, people, and creation.

We enjoy our kids and our elders—we love being an intergenerational church and we seek to build practices and rhythms that are fruitful, sustainable, engaging, and inclusive. We are especially conscious of our responsibility towards kids and youth—offering them a spacious faith in which big questions are safe to ask and explore, and which extends the long table of God’s love to everyone.

We’re so excited to hire a Community Life Coordinator. This 20-hour per week position will work closely with our Pastor, Rev. Anne Baxter Smith (bio) with particular focus on nourishing children, youth and our value of being an inclusive, intergenerational church.

Please share this job posting in your network as widely as you can. We’d love to reach candidates who really resonate with our community.

Here’s a link to the opportunity letter / job description.