With all creation…

This Sunday, we begin our month-long celebration of the Season of Creation, which is part of the wider season of Ordinary Time in the liturgical church year.  Following the suggested scriptures and themes, we will be focusing each week on a different aspect of Creation: Oceans, Fauna, Storms, and Cosmos; each a reflection of God’s Wisdom. 

This Sunday, as you think about preparing for our Gathering, I invite you to take a trip to the ocean and gather something from it that you can bring to church—a piece of driftwood, a shell, a piece of seaweed.  

This is our call to worship on Sunday. Spend a few moments listening to the songs of the ocean: 

“We gather today to worship in this sanctuary called Earth. In the oceans, waves roar songs of praise. Whales call to one another in the deep. Birds circle over the waters, crying out.

All of this is a living, breathing prayer to the Creator. We get to join our voices, caught up into this living song of praise: “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

“Holy! Holy! Holy!” 

Think also about your own connection to the ocean—what you love about the ocean, any significant memories it holds for you.

“With all creation, we bless you, our Creator. We thank you for a wondrous planet home, especially the waters of the ocean that surround us. Jesus Christ, make our hearts sensitive to the songs of our kin, songs of celebration from the sea, the forest and the air. Amen.”

Worship Calendar

If you’re planning to join us for an in-person service, please read our Covid policy. It’s kept up to date, here.

Location & Zoom. We meet on Sundays at 15639 24 Avenue, Surrey. Zoom is offered if you cannot attend in person. If you have trouble with the zoom link, use: meeting ID: 831 1690 9977 with password: 753319

Sermons Are Podcasted
Catch up on Southpoint sermons by finding the podcast “Meditations from the Church at Southpoint” on Spotify, Apple and Google. They’re also available on our website: www.southpoint.ca.

Celebrating Kinship with Creation

In September we’ll observe the Season of Creation over four Sundays leading to St Francis of Assisi day on Oct 4. With readings in a liturgical pattern similar to that of Advent, the series follows a broad pattern of creation, alienation, passion and new creation, giving special attention to the story of the Earth, which complements the story of God and the story of humanity in the Scriptures.

Sun. Sep 4
Ocean Sunday
Bring an item from the ocean’s shore!

Sun. Sep 11
Fauna Sunday

Sun. Sep 18
Storm Sunday

Sun. Sep 25 ALL IN
Cosmos Sunday

Sun. Oct 2 
St Francis Sunday
Blessing of the animals

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