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Sunday Services

10:00 am

15639 24 Ave, Surrey, BC



Pastor: Anne Smith

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Images that Shape Us


Seeds remind us of organic growth patterns. They are small, full of potential and can flourish when placed in the right environment.

At Southpoint, we wait for leaders to emerge before we engage in a new project, event or program. We are also open to change as new opportunities present themselves. We don’t have a tight five year strategic plan or an aggressive approach to “closing the back door” (ie specific ways to keep people in once we’ve got them!)

We believe that God gives us what we need (finances, leaders, resources, ideas, space) for each stage of the journey. Our job is to cultivate a healthy environment for these seeds to grow.

“The mustard seed is the smallest of seeds, but when it is planted . . .”


In the Outback, there are two ways of keeping sheep: fences or wells.

We prefer wells.

Belonging at Southpoint isn’t about being in or out. It’s about movement toward the centre. At Southpoint, we are seeking to foster the widest possible sense of belonging and participation while maintaining a strong identity in Jesus.

Visitors and regulars alike are welcome to participate in our conversations. Everyone, including children, are welcome to take part in the celebration of the Lord’s Table (the bread and juice) as an act of remembrance and thanksgiving.

Belonging at Southpoint isn’t about having a static membership status. It’s about journeying together toward a common centre.

“Come you who are thirsty . . .”


At Southpoint, we have moved from an attractional (build it and they will come) understanding of church life to a missional (sent) approach. We have come to understand that success in the church is not measured by having the largest number of people together in one room at the same time. We do not exist to run a Sunday morning worship service.

Instead, we believe that the church finds “success” as we are sent into the community and world to love our neighbours.

As a result, we have very few (sometimes no) midweek programs. We don’t want our church life to become a vortex that sucks us out of our neighbourhoods. We encourage people to find meaningful ways to volunteer in the community and to be attentive to the needs around them.

Ancient fishermen would spend much (if not most) of their time mending their nets. This activity speaks to us of the need to cultivate relational networks for mission in our community and beyond.

To date, we have worked with many organizations in our expanding missional network, including: Initiatives of Change; the Semiahmoo House Society; the City of Surrey; the BC Muslim Association; other area churches; Emanuel Baptist, San Salvador; MANY local businesses and more.

“As you are going into the world, make disciples of all nations . . .”


Trapeza is Greek for table. In the Christian writings, it often stands for the whole meal and is associated closely with the act of hospitality. The Table is a foundational ministry image at Southpoint. We gather midweek around a shared meal. We welcome people to our table with coffee and refreshments when they enter our gathering on Sunday mornings just as Jesus welcomes us to his table.

We practice hospitality with our neighbours. Both giving and receiving. We are prayerfully seeking ways to extend our table to include the stranger, the poor and the forgotten of our society.

“Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”