Southpoint News – Week of February 3rd, 2019

Jan 30, 2019

Epiphany: Worship as a Journey

When we gather on Sunday’s, we go on a journey together. We arrive, having been pointed away from one another, busy with our own individual lives.  Something pulls us out of bed, away from the breakfast table, into our clothes, and out the door.  At the door, we again choose….the mountains? The store?  The gathering of friends and strangers at Southpoint?

What draws you to worship on Sunday mornings? 

You could have been so many other places, and yet here you are.  You have turned away from these myriad activities for a brief hour  and turned towards the face of Christ in one another.  Sometimes you are grateful. Sometimes you are lost. Sometimes you are afraid. Sometimes you are lonely.  Sometimes the mere act of showing up in church makes you feel triggered.  No matter, here you are, a miracle in and of itself, all things considered.

What thoughts and feelings tag along inside you to our gathering?  Which ones have become traveling companions who resurface, again and again, as you walk through the doors? 

Know that however you are feeling when you arrive, whatever questions are haunting you, whatever doubts are disturbing you, no matter what compromises are weighing on you, you are welcome.  You are God’s beloved. You belong.

You are God’s beloved. Has this love found its way from your head to your heart? 

This love is the principle and foundation of our worship. It is what unsticks our hearts, helps us lift our heads and open our mouths.

Adults: Jesus, Son of the Living God.
Youth/children: Lord, we praise you!
Adults: Jesus, King of glory.
Youth/children: Lord, we praise you!
Men:  Jesus, Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Lord.
Youth/Children: Lord, we praise you!
Women: Jesus, God of peace, friend of all, source of life.
Youth/Children: Lord, we praise you!
Adults: Jesus, brother of the poor, goodness without measure.
Youth/Children: Lord, we praise you!
Youth: Jesus, good shepherd, true light, our way and our life.
Youth/Children: Lord, we praise you!

All the rest, all that we will share together on Sunday, all the rest that we will partake of together in worship- its all a response to the love God has already lavished on us.

It is the star in the sky, calling us onwards, calling us home.

Pizza Party for Newbies!

Last Call! If you would like to join us for a welcome pizza lunch, please let Anne know by Friday.  RSVP to or

Sunday, Feb 3rd, after church.


Our older youth/young adult mentorship group will be meeting at Anne’s home on Monday nights @ 8;30, every other week for a book discussion of Searching for Sunday by Sarah Held Evans. Interested in knowing more?  Joining us? Contact Anne!

Start date: February 4rd. 

A Rocha Spring Break Day Camp

Monday, March 25th – Friday, March 29th

Join us for our Spring Break Day Camp (Ages: 6-12). We will spend every day (9am 3pm) outdoors exploring the signs of Spring in the wetland, forest and farmland at Brooksdale Environmental Centre. Children will have fun singing songs, making crafts and playing games.

Bring your own snack (morning and afternoon) and lunch; bring a water bottle. Come dressed warmly for rain or shine. Boots required!

Cost: $190 (*financial assistance available)

Register Here:

Interested in Baptism?

We have baptisms at Southpoint when a youth or adult expressing a desire to be baptized. To prepare youth for baptism, Anne takes them through journey of preparation by meeting weekly for the weeks following Easter. Two youth have expressed a desire to be baptized. Are there any other youth/children/adults interested? If so, please communicate with Anne so she can follow up and explore this with you.

Worship Night at the Hardy House

If you love to sing worship songs, listen to worship songs, or/and play worship songs then this night is for you!  Bring yourself, instruments if you have them, music sheets if you have them and drinks or food to share if you have them! All ages, all abilities, everyone welcome!

6:45-8 pm
Wednesday, February 6th (if it’s fun we’ll try to do this more often)
14386 32nd ave.

January Calendar

Epiphany 2019: “In Search of Light”

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who set their hearts on pilgrimage.”

– Psalm 84:5

Throughout the Sundays of Epiphany and up until Lent begins, we will listen those in our community who have set out on a journey this year and returned with stories of epiphany.  What would it look like if we too said yes and set our hearts on pilgrimage anew this new year? What if we began to listen, seriously listen, to our own holy hunger?  What if we began to seek for the manifestation of God wherever our feet take us? Where would we find Christ?

Sunday, Feb. 3rd: Stories from Himalayan Life in Nepal – Markku’s Epiphany

Sunday, Feb. 10th:  Stories from  Nagaland – Craig’s Epiphany

Sunday, Feb. 17th: Stories from Australia – Jarret’s Epiphany

Have an Announcement?

If you have an addition you would like included in this newsletter, please send a prepared announcement as you would like it to appear to: by Tuesday and we will get back to you.


If you have a need for prayer that you would like to pass on to the prayer chain, please contact John Hardy.

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