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Feb 07, 2019

Epiphany as Confession


This too is Epiphany:

the realization that I have,

once again,

betrayed my deepest, truest self.


There comes a moment of epiphany when we wake up and notice just how far we’ve drifted away from our true self, from God, from the earth and her creatures, from our brothers and sisters.  We are alone in the dark, breathing our own stale, thin air.

Our healing begins with this awakening. We turn back towards the presence of Christ with us in the darkness. We utter our prayers of confession. In our brokenness, Jesus reveals his mercy to us. Our healing continues with the remembrance that we are forgiven.  Fresh air of grace fills our aching lungs.

Each Sunday, we make space for this vulnerable part our humanity. We gathered around the well of Christ, drawn by our common thirst. We light the Christ candle, reminding ourselves that Jesus is with us. We declare our rather grand intentions of worshipping God. Then, we pause to get real:



ONE:  Jesus said, “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. With confidence in this nearness, let us confess our sin to God.”

ALL: Jesus, we have the best of intentions. We are restless for the journey inwards that leads to our transformation. We are hungry for the journey outwards that leads to your epiphany.  But we are so easily distracted.  Sidetracked by what is easy and entertaining. Stopped short by what  seems sensible and productive.  Turned away by what appears risky and clothed in darkness. We cling to the familiar, numb and half asleep.  And yet you call our name, inviting us onwards, across the threshold, further up and further in. Please forgive us for our hesitation. We believe, Lord. Help our unbelief. (pause for silent prayers)


After saying what we need to say, we go on to remind one another that no matter how dark the source of our shame, no matter how regretful the consequence of our mistakes, we are nevertheless held fast and forgiven. I wish this for the Humboldt truck driver. That he would know this forgiveness:



ONE: “Awake, O sleeper,and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

ONE: And God said, “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the wild places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.”

ALL: Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.


This is not a quick fix. This  is a journey of a lifetime, and it is circuitous rather than linear in nature.  We are continually being awakened into darkness, then reawakened  into light.  At the end of the journey, there will be only Light.  Life – not dysfunction, death, or sin –  will have the final say over God’s earth.  This too is Epiphany.

After our confession, after we remember our forgiveness, the healing Presence leads us back out the way we came, back out to a place of reconnection with our true selves, with God, with other people, with this dear earth.

“Peace be with you”, we whisper awkwardly to one another.

“And also with you.”

Community Connections:

A Rocha Spring Break Day Camp

Monday, March 25th – Friday, March 29th

Join us for our Spring Break Day Camp (Ages: 6-12). We will spend every day (9am 3pm) outdoors exploring the signs of Spring in the wetland, forest and farmland at Brooksdale Environmental Centre. Children will have fun singing songs, making crafts and playing games.

Bring your own snack (morning and afternoon) and lunch; bring a water bottle. Come dressed warmly for rain or shine. Boots required!

Cost: $190 (*financial assistance available)

Register Here:


Craig and I have really enjoyed going to the LIFEAPP events. The next one is Friday, March 15th @ 7:30-9:00 at the Chief Sepass Theatre in Langley. We’d love to gather a mix of youth and adults to meet at the theatre for this event. Are you interested?  The topic is  “Shame on You”

“Shame, fuelled by secrecy, silence and judgement, is something we all experience to one degree or another. At times it shows up through people around us, communities we’re part of, or cultural expectations imposed on us. But more frequently it is the judge within, that internal voice that tells us we are not good enough….that we are flawed and ultimately unworthy of love and belonging. Too often shame convinces us to serve sentences in prisons built out of lies. So how do we stop it? How do we free ourselves from the judge within? How can we silence the voices that make us feel small, flawed, and never good enough? This month we want to start a conversation around shame-resilience: understanding our vulnerabilities and cultivating the kind of empathy, courage, and compassion that will put a stop to the shame that holds us back.”


Sadly, this coming Sunday will be our last for awhile with Cathleen Peters as she will be moving down to Arkansas.  She has a few items, including a few pieces of furniture and her car, that need to be sold by next Tuesday, February 12th before she moves.

The items being sold include:

2008 Honda Fit: $3,900

corner desk: $75

wooden hutch: $50

oak table and chairs: $100

bike: $50 (slightly smaller than an adult frame)

lamps: free to a good home

Twin mattress and steel bed frame: $60

If you would like more information on any of these items please contact Cathleen and she can send you the craigslist links.


Our AGM will be Wednesday, February 27th. We begin with a celebratory pot luck desert bar @ 6:30 followed by the AGM.

Interested in Baptism?

We have baptisms at Southpoint when a youth or adult expresses a desire to be baptized. Two youth have expressed a desire to be baptized. Are there any other youth/children/adults interested? If so, please communicate with Anne so she can follow up and explore this with you.

January Calendar

Epiphany 2019: “In Search of Light”

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who set their hearts on pilgrimage.”

– Psalm 84:5

Throughout the Sundays of Epiphany and up until Lent begins, we will listen those in our community who have set out on a journey this year and returned with stories of epiphany.  What would it look like if we too said yes and set our hearts on pilgrimage anew this new year? What if we began to listen, seriously listen, to our own holy hunger?  What if we began to seek for the manifestation of God wherever our feet take us? Where would we find Christ?

Wednesday, Feb. 6th: Worship Night at Hardy’s house @ 6:45

Sunday, Feb. 10th:  Stories from  Nagaland – Craig’s Epiphany

Monday, Feb. 11th: Roots @ 8:30 – hang out time at Anne’s

Sunday, Feb. 17th: Stories from Australia – Jarret’s Epiphany

Monday, Feb. 18th: Roots @ 8:30 – book discussion at Anne’s

Sunday, Feb. 24th:  ALL OUT – Gathering Groups

Monday, Feb. 25th: Roots @ 8:30 – hang out time at Anne’s

Wednesday, Feb. 27th: AGM @ 6:30

Sunday, March 3rd: Traveling Stories:  Adam’s Epiphany

Monday, March 4th: Roots @ 8:30 – book discussion at Anne’s

Have an Announcement?

If you have an addition you would like included in this newsletter, please send a prepared announcement as you would like it to appear to: by Tuesday and we will get back to you.


Please keep Sarah and Katie, Kate, and Ruth in your prayers this week as they each walk closely with someone whose health is very fragile – Sarah and Katie’s father, Kate’s mother, and Ruth’s daughter. These are tender hard days, and our love, support, and prayers mean a lot.

If you have a need for prayer that you would like to pass on to the prayer chain, please contact John Hardy.

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