Sunday 22 March: Resources for Worshipping in Place

Hello Southpoint church family,

As we learn how to shelter in place, we are also learning how to worship in place. Angela, Karin, and I have created this resource for your household this week as part of our Lenten journey through the Psalms of Ascent.

You will find two documents included. The first contains the liturgy which you can print this weekend and use again the following Sunday. The second attachment contains the weekly supplemental material for this particular Sunday (22 March) which you can slip right in when you reach the designated point in the liturgy.

Our Sunday worship is like a journey through our four core images, and our liturgy reflects this.

When you open the liturgy, this order of service is laid out for you:

Coming to the Well    page 1
Mending the Net       page 1-2
Watering the Seed    * Refer to insert sent each week
Sitting at the Table   page 3
Going Out to Love    page 3

The weekly insert we provide, “Watering the Seed”, is for you to use when you get to this place in the liturgy.

We are a varied people. Some of you like liturgy, some of you don’t. Some of you prefer embodied prayer, some verbal prayers, and some stillness and silence. Our desire is to provide resources that help you engage with God in a way that is congruent with who you are. Adapt these resources to serve the ages and people in your household.

When it doubt, start with what works. A good rule of thumb is to pray as you can, and then expand your mode of praying as the Spirit and your desire leads you.

In order to do this, spend a bit of time preparing. Set up your space – referring to last week’s liturgy if you need – and read through the resources, choosing what you want to use.

Finally, we welcome your feedback. Our worshipping in place will endure more than three weeks. As the provincial ban on gatherings of more than 50 people will last until May 30, we will send you a survey asking how we can provision you spiritually during this time. Be on the look out for that, and please take a moment to respond when it comes.

You are on my mind daily. If you need support, please call me.

– Anne Smith

Liturgy for Worshipping in Place, Lent 2020

Mar 22 Watering the Seed insert *

At Home Southpoint Worship 15 March 2020 Lent

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