Music at Southpoint?

Sep 04, 2007

As September has arrived and our first Sunday back at the school looms mere days away, I have a question, or perhaps a bunch of questions for everyone and anyone to answer. In particular, I’m hoping for feedback from those of you who attend Southpoint, but I’m open and interested in hearing from any people who may browse by this page in their daily perusal of the Internet!

The question on my mind is what to do with music at Southpoint? Over the past many months, leading the music has been a challenge for me. I feel like I’ve gotten myself stuck somehow in a rut – a few songs at the beginning, one during communion and one at the end. I’m also tired of singing the same old songs, but have difficulty knowing even where to start finding other music (except within my own head – but I don’t feel I have the mental capacity to write a whole slough of new songs at the moment). Sometimes I feel that God has had a say in what songs He’s had me choose, but more often than not I am left with no fresh ideas, excitement, or drive to do something really meaningful.

I’m continually inspired by Scott’s fresh ideas that he brings forth. The services are continually changing in format, he’s got great tangible illustrations in his head, and he seems to have a continual feed of creativity going on in there. It leaves me utterly baffled and impressed as I sit and try to think of how I could do things differently with the music.

So, what could be changed? What would be meaningful for you as someone who comes? What inspires you? Do you feel that music is necessary? Do you enjoy the music, even if you don’t sing along? What experiences have you had in relation to this topic that might provide some interesting discussion or inspiration? I’m eager to hear any of your thoughts!

Recently I’ve been involved (online) in some heated debates centred around musical worship and there were some strong, negative opinions expressed again and again. (I myself wasn’t excluded from those who expressed frustration with the way things can be sometimes) I’m not, however, looking for debate here. Just some feedback. Just some ideas. Just some inspiration!!!

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Dancing. Seriously though, dancing! I can’t dance, but I love to watch my kids dance, even when there is no music playing. There is a freedom that they feel to allow their bodies to express their spirit. I think we need to stretch ourselves to move beyond the music to a place of freedom in God’s presence.

And, we could use a few more musicians . . .

I’m with you on dance being such an expression of freedom. I can’t say that I am at a place though where I am able to allow myself that freedom.

Laura, I may be biased but I would love to see songs that you have written in the past incorporated. Maybe there are others that have written too??

Hi Laura,

I’m not a Southpointer but have been around the block a few times…with Scott and with worship ministry.

I sympathize with your experience of online debates. When people are anonymous (or only ‘names’) they can be mean and nasty.

I’d recommend two audio series: Practical Foundations for Worship and Theological Foundations for Worship, found here:
He (Bob Kauflin) answers questions about planning, spontaneity, the prophetic gifts, heart attitudes, etc. Best of all, the downloads are all now entirely free. They are the best resources I know on the foundations of corporate worship.



Thanks Mark. I’ll check those out.

Having this yellow man dance would be a horrible misuse of my freedom 😉

I am with Ryan – I would love to see the songs that Laura has written. For me, I would also like to hear about the background of songs before singing them as it gives me framework for the words – stuff about the songwriter and what experiences led to writing the song.

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