Just Call Me Gladys

Sep 04, 2007

I’ve been more & more aware lately of how ugly the words “status quo” can be. I hate the idea of existing – as opposed to living – I want to happen to life rather than let it happen to me. So, hey, I’m trying to be not so comfortable. All of a sudden, I feel a bit like Mrs Kravitz (from Bewitched – I know – I’m dating myself!) We moved to a new neighborhood, and I’m out there talking to people I’ve never met before, inviting people in for a drink, planning a BBQ/nosh party so all who live here & care to participate can make some new friends. Being shy (really) this is so not my deal. But I’ve been there – and not just in a new neighborhood. I’ve started fresh – from ground zero – friends, church, job….nothing left but to look ahead, cuz what I’ve left is a black hole. I’ve sorta freaked myself out with all this, but I don’t want to back out. So when you see me, you’ll know what the white knuckles are all about. Be kind.

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That’s exciting – starting a whole new life. Ryan and I have a tendency to not be able to stay still for long. A different kind of thing but it feels like because of this we’ve started a new life with new neighbours, church, work (etc) quite a few times. I don’t know how healthy it is, but we kind of thrive on it.

I’m impressed with your ability to put your shyness aside and invite people over. I may need some pointers. 🙂

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