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Mar 16, 2009

Just in case you haven’t already heard, we have a location for our new community coffee house! 

Our three month search of the Rosemary Heights, Southpoint, Grandview Corners, King George corridor, Crescent Beach, White Rock Beach and the Semiahmoo areas yielded no viable options. Most places had a max occupancy of around 25, and many were two to three times the price of the location we have discovered. The most enticing location we explored recently was big enough to host the church, but had prohibitive zoning and would have cost well over $7000.00 per month! Other places were so new that we would have used up most of our grant on tenant improvements. Most of the places were also impersonal and lacked a sense of character appeal.

The location that Pete and the Transition Team has chosen is a highly visible, corner property with great character at Johnston and Prospect under the clock tower in White Rock. It is an amazing place: great visibility, a built in arts community, walk in traffic, a school across the street, flexible and free parking, ideal zoning, a reputable landlord — all in a space that we can afford and can easily renovate. We do not plan to move our worship gathering to this new location at this time.


We will have some work to do over the next three months after the interior architect gives us some layout options and the business consultant helps to map out the final plan. Stay tuned!

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