Advent: “Come”

Nov 30, 2013

Our scripture readings for December 1st, the first Sunday of Advent, are: Isaiah 2:1-5, Psalm 122, & Romans 13:11-14.

Within these scriptures is an invitation to WAKE UP! and COME!, because there is something really beautiful to see. It is also an invitation to come to God’s Holy Mountain: “Come, let us go up”, “Come, let us walk”. There is also joy in those who respond to this invitation: “Rejoice with those who said, ‘Come.’ Our feet are standing in your gates, Jerusalem!” God’s invitation is to come, and our response is to actually get up and get moving so that we are in a position to see what God has in store for us. It reminds me of getting up while it is still dark and going somewhere IN ORDER TO SEE the sun rise. There is much more within these texts, but this is the invitation we don’t want to miss. The Advent invitation is accompanied by excitement and anticipation!

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