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May 05, 2008

Mystery coffier...Okay, I want to propose, or rather extend an opportunity to anybody and everybody in our community. While one head is good… more is, well you know how the rest of the saying goes! Here is what I’m thinking… Is there a place that you love to go every morning (or afternoon, or evening?) Possibly a coffee shop or restaurant that totally captures the essence of what you are looking for in a place to spend time.

For that matter, is there a non-profit group, organization, or business that really intrigues you / stirs your passion? I would love to hear about it! Post some comments, a review, or even an invitation for others to join you there! Look for some invitations from me as well, as I explore some unique establishments in the greater Vancouver area. I am also going to recommend some interesting websites for your perusal later on. Feel free to suggest your own, lets explore together!

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Katie Adams
May 21, 2008 9:04 pm

I have been meaning to do this for awhile now. Kids are in bed and Dan is out playing Frisbee – I mean, ultimate

As a stay at home mom, I am always on the look out for a place to go on a rainy day – to meet with friends or to get my caffeine fix for the day. In our community, there really aren’t very many places that I feel comfortable taking two active boys. When they were little, I used to walk up to Belle’s a lot. The staff was somewhat friendly, the coffee was way too strong, and there were tonnes of knick knacky merchandise at kid level – hold on, why did I go there so much! I guess it was the best that I could find. It was close, I could fit my double stroller up the ramp and they have a killer date bar.

I have also become very fond of the Sunflower Cafe in Crescent beach. The coffee is organic and yummy, they have free agave nectar sweetener and very yummy home made, fresh, warm muffins. I also love the non-chain feel they have – the decor is somewhat hippy dippy, but it is also warm and inviting. I love the local art on the walls too. The draw backs there have been tippy chairs for the kids to sit on, cheesy merchandise, and they close at 3pm every day – what is that all about!

My Vancouver friends have recently introduced me to a coffee shop called Little Nest on Charles and Commercial – what the locals call “the drive.” I feel like a Surrey suburban mom there (very hip looking moms and dads and even hipper kids) but still love to go. They have a very yummy menu – healthy and organic. The coffee is really good and served with fancy designs in the foam (I am sold on the superficial touches). There is a kids’ area with retro (true retro – the actual stuff that we used to play with as kids in the 70s) toys, books, chairs, and a play-kitchen. It is probably only a 6X10 foot area, but there will be 4 to 8 kids playing on it at the same time. You can see your kids from where you sit and grab them before they attack another kid for trying to steal their toy. This area is near the middle or back of the shop so that the front (near the windows) can be inhabited by those who didn’t bring kids. If you are in the area, I would really recommend stopping by.

I should go do laundry now – but if you know me, I always have a lot to say, especially when it comes to my opinions! – which reminds me, go to the Tee-Pee guy on King George hwy. The coffee and the experience is hard to forget!

I love that store in South Surrey called “A Passion For Flowers”. It’s not because I love their stuff, although it’s nice, but it’s because the mood there is so inviting, the people who work there are so engaging and welcoming, and it seems like a place that I could actually just go for a good interaction. (Can you tell I’m an at-home mom who needs adult conversation? Haha.) That’s pretty good for a flower shop with lots of breakable things – I have two small children. So, if we are able to capture something of that mood – welcoming, good people, no pressure to buy buy buy, we’ll be offering a lot. I’ll be there all the time!!

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