Celebrating the Resurrection Life of Jesus

May 05, 2011

The resurrection of Jesus means that what God has done for Jesus he is beginning to do, in and through Jesus, for the whole of the rest of the world. And that is what it means to say that God is now becoming king of the whole world in the new way of which Jesus had spoken. John’s 20th chapter is soaked in the idea of new creation, as Mary in the garden becomes for a moment Eve, weeping for her lost innocence and her lost Lord, and then discovering that the one she thinks is the gardener really is the gardener, the one through whose healing stewardship the whole creation will be dug afresh and planted with the Tree of Life. The resurrection of Jesus is the coming of the kingdom of God…

…The way God becomes king is precisely through sowing seeds, not through bulldozing everything down and planting ready-formed trees and shrubs. The way God becomes king is through the transformation of persons and communities who then become transforming persons and communities in their own right.

(From a sermon by N.T. Wright)

May we here at The Church @ Southpoint celebrate this new life as we partake in this radical earthy new life reality.

Cheers, or should I say hallelujah.

Brent ( Interim Pastor)

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