Friends of Small Ritual Coffee Society

May 28, 2010

Evening for the Friends of Small Ritual Coffee Society
Thursday, June 17th, 2010 | 7:00-10:00pm
@  SRC: 1237 Johnston Road

You are invited to this first-of-its-kind event because of your ongoing interest and connection to SRC, even if it has been simply to frequent the coffee shop to enjoy a lingering conversation over a good cup of coffee.

The evening will focus on:

  • celebrating the story of SRC (come prepared to share what you value about SRC or what it is that attracts you to SRC).
  • clarifying the mission and vision of SRC.
  • communicating SRC’s present situation, including plans for growth and ongoing financial needs.
  • exploring creative solutions to increase practical involvement with and support for SRC in order to achieve sustainability and move into a season in which SRC can thrive.
  • praying for SRC.

Thank you for your friendship with SRC–good stories always include great friendships. You are already a big part of the story and your presence at this important evening is deeply valued. We hope the evening will be a strategic step forward in deepening and continuing the good story of SRC.

Warm regards,
The Board of Directors

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