Fund Raising Event for Small Ritual

Nov 17, 2012

Hello Friends and Neighbors of Small Ritual Coffee Society:

The society is continuing to work at paying off its start-up costs, and is fundraising to relieve this burden so the efforts can be put toward new exciting projects and areas of need. You can help by purchasing a ticket ($25) to the silent auction and fundraiser play and telling a friend to come with you! One Man In His Time is written and performed by Antony Holland and is a first hand account of the light and dark times of WW II in Egypt and Lybia. This play has never been to this area, and sadly, this will be your only chance to experience this piece of history here. Tickets are available at the coffee shop or on the day of the play at the door of White Rock Baptist church.

You can also help with a donation of goods or services for our silent auction would help us continue to foster community connections with our common neighbors. We hope you also view this as a marketing opportunity: everybody wins!

The silent auction begins at 6pm, the fundraiser play will follow. Both are generously being hosted at the White Rock Baptist Church on Saturday, December 1st.

If you cannot attend, please consider buying a ticket for a random person who shows you kindness, and telling others of our campaign.

Thank-you for your consideration and contribution to the community of Small Ritual.

Yours Truly,

C.Rydé E. Harding and the fundraising team for your local not for profit coffeeshop:

Small Ritual Coffee Society

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