God Sightings!

Jan 22, 2013

God’s presence is a jewel, waiting to be found. In the Spirit of Epiphany, this Sunday will be an “ALL-IN” service. Together, we will be constructing a prayer journal for each household in which you can collect your household’s unfolding story of Immanuel, GOD-WITH-US: your praises, laments, thoughts, stories, and prayers. In preparation, please read Psalm 19.

On Jan 27th, please bring with you:
1. A JOURNAL that you choose with the folk you live with…
2. Images in the form of magazines, newspapers, photos that can be used and cut by group
3. At least one poem, quote, scripture, prayer that you would like to share with wider church family. Bring 30 copies, if possible, to share…
Afterwards, grab some lunch @ Small Ritual and return for family skating from 2:30-3:45 @ Centennial Leisure Centre!

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