Holy Disturbance: Speaking Out

Advent week one: Speaking Up
watercolour: Madeleine Boisclair-Joly
design: Angela Neufeld

1 Samuel 1:1-8 

There is a certain contented comfort that comes from the status quo. But what happens when the status quo is neither comfortable nor contented, but rather painful and disturbing for some of its members? What if that pain, instead of being heard and addressed, is being ignored, minimized, gas-lit, or swept under the rug? The question “Where does it hurt?” gives those who are aching a chance to be heard. 

In this week’s story, Hannah’s weeping is a disturbance. Her heart and mouth are open as she speaks out her grief in the temple. Her cries make her husband uncomfortable, and he tries—unsuccessfully—to minimize them. Her heart holds hurt and hope at the same time. She refuses to be silenced. God, we find out later, is quite comfortable with her speaking out and even responds to her insistence.

Over these weeks of Advent, we will share four stories of holy disturbance in which individuals who yearn for shalom disrupt the placid waters of the status quo. 

As we explore these texts during Advent, may we welcome Holy Disturbance as a threshold into wholeness. May we trust that there is mercy in the mischief. May we believe in One Who Loves Us, who welcomes our truth-telling as gifts of intimacy, stirs up our groans for wholeness, and is waiting to receive us as we quest for shalom.

Deep peace and blessings.


Rev. Anne Baxter Smith
Pastor of the Church at Southpoint

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Holy Disturbance: Where Does It Hurt?

Sun. Dec 5, 10:00 am Faith
Reaching Out       
Speaker: Anne Smith Mark 5: 21-43

Sun. Dec 12, 10:00 am Joy
Pulling Apart
Speaker: Anne Smith Luke 5: 17-26

Sun. Dec 19, 10:00 am Peace
Breaking Through
Speaker: Anne Smith Luke 2: 1-7
Screening of kids’ Nativity performance (with thanks to Lily and Lynne Oger!)

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