Holy Week: Poured Out for Us

Planting Onions at A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre

An excerpt from A Sanctified Art

In a room full to the brim with emotion, Jesus offers a tender, loving, and humble goodbye, stooping low to wash and caress his disciples’ feet. Like the water splashing within the washbasin, his actions ripple out: “Go, and do likewise. Just as I have loved you, love one another.” This scene offers us a poignant and powerful image of discipleship.

Peter… initially resists Jesus’ offer. How many of us resist vulnerability? How often do we resist receiving love, support, and nurturing from others?

Jesus’ command to go and do likewise is only possible for us if we, too, learn how to receive. We cannot fully give without receiving also; love is designed to be shared. As was the case for Peter, receiving selfless, poured-out love fundamentally changes us. It is a profound act that shows us who we are. It is a practice of surrender and letting go. It reminds us of how God loves us. 

This Maundy Thursday, take off your shoes. Remove the walls and protective layers you have built up. Allow yourself to be loved fully by God. Allow yourself to be filled to the brim so you can go out and fill others, too.

—A Sanctified Art

Good Friday Prayer Walk

Guided by art, Scripture, nature, and poetry, you are invited into the ancient story of Holy Week. We journey with Jesus to the cross and into death so that we can also glimpse and celebrate the mystery of the resurrection.

Come walk the perimeter trail at Kingfisher Farm between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Accessible to all ages. Rain or shine. 512 172 Street, Surrey.

Deep peace and blessings.


Rev. Anne Baxter Smith
Pastor of the Church at Southpoint

Worship Calendar

If you’re planning to join us for an in-person service, please read our Covid policy. It’s kept up to date, here.

In-Person 10:00 am on Sundays at 15639 24 Avenue, Surrey!

Sun. Apr 17 Easter Sunday
Speaker: Anne Smith
An Expansive Life
Luke 24: 1-12

Sun. Apr 24, All OUT 
Good Seed Sunday!
Gather at A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre rain or shine to plant this year’s onions! Have we ever missed a year? Please do RSVP here so we can tell Hannah how many people to expect.

Sun. May 1 
Speaker: Jen Hubbard
Kinship I

Sun. May 8 
Speaker: Nadia VanderKuip
Kinship II

Sun. May 15 
Speaker: Nadia VanderKuip
Kinship III

Sun. May 22 All In
Speaker: Anne Baxter Smith
Kinship IV

Sun. May 29 
Fifth Sunday Fun—Stay tuned!

New to Southpoint?

At Southpoint, it all begins with God’s love. Just as a plant grows, it receives sunshine, so we grow as we receive God’s love. At Southpoint, we are growing in our capacity to love God, ourselves, one another, and creation.

We seek to be a community of grace that is intentional yet organic, spacious yet authentic, grace-filled yet accountable. * We are fully welcoming. *

We encourage relationships rather than run programs, yet we recognize the importance of intentionality and structure as we nurture life together.

As a community, we seek to put our love in action. We value helping out on Sunday mornings, sharing food, and showing up in hard times. We keep our church life simple so folk have time to build relationships with family, friends, and neighbours. We encourage folk to serve in tangible ways within the wider community. We rent space rather than own a building, allowing us to do more with less, supporting missions at home and abroad.

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