Lent: Living the Questions (1)

When I think of Jesus, sitting in the wilderness for 40 days, I wonder what that would have been like for him? What would it be like to slow my pace way down and just pay attention like that, with nothing to distract me? What would I see that I cannot yet see?

Lent invites us to slow down and welcome into our awareness what is around us, and what is within us. Lent invites us to feel the sensations residing in our body. The heat of lived experience. The dry thirst for answers. The ache of shadowy grief. The lonely cry of our inner orphans. Lent invites us to welcome the rush of the Spirit’s compassion in the wind, and the deep tones of Wisdom in the silence. 

This Lent, questions arising from the assigned lectionary texts will be our companions. A good question is not quickly answered. It is a gift that we sit with for a while. Since a question directs where we place our focus, it has the capacity to renew our thinking, seeing, feeling and knowing in unexpected ways, bringing greater clarity, insight, and vision. Perhaps you will notice questions percolating into your awareness as you slow down this Lent? If so, I’d love to hear them.

Deep peace and blessing,

Rev. Anne Baxter Smith
Pastor, Church at Southpoint

New to Southpoint?

At Southpoint, it all begins with God’s love. Just as a plant grows, it receives sunshine, so we grow as we receive God’s love. At Southpoint, we are growing in our capacity to love God, ourselves, one another, and creation.

We seek to be a community of grace that is intentional yet organic, spacious yet authentic, grace-filled yet accountable. * We are fully welcoming. *

We encourage relationships rather than run programs, yet we recognize the importance of intentionality and structure as we nurture life together.

As a community, we seek to put our love in action. We value helping out on Sunday mornings, sharing food, and showing up in hard times. We keep our church life simple so folk have time to build relationships with family, friends, and neighbours. We encourage folk to serve in tangible ways within the wider community. We rent space rather than own a building, allowing us to do more with less, supporting missions at home and abroad.

Curious to know more?

These six slides express what motivates our ministry (best viewed on a monitor). Here’s the bio of our Pastor, Rev. Anne Baxter Smith.

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