Living the Vision – Word Made Flesh

Oct 17, 2012

Sunday, Oct. 21 -  New series begins called “LIVING THE VISION.” Anne will introduce this with a talk entitled “Word Made Flesh.”


serve. enjoy. express. act.

Our outward focus for the month of October is the Small Ritual Coffee Society.  Despite all odds, this little coffee shop still stands, and we are grateful to Ryde and her staff, as well as God’s great grace, for its presence in our community.  Find your way of weaving connection with Small Ritual.  Pray for God’s power and presence to be felt there. Stop by and get to know the new staff.  Buy a bag (or a cup) of coffee. Sit and read the paper.  Give Ryde a hug. Enjoy this place.

1237 Johnston Road, White Rock, BC  You can find Small Ritual online at or closer to earth at


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