Nov 27, 2008

Believe it or not, many moons ago, I raced mountain bikes. For two seasons. This was before the sport had much acclaim and at a time when most racers prepped with a few puffs of the magic dragon before hitting the trails.

Being a naturally cautious person, I had to learn early on that with mountain biking, and with life, momentum is your friend – as long as you are heading in the right direction! I used to panic when I saw a rock or log on the path, especially when I was going down hill. Instinctively, I would hit the brakes in order to carefully navigate the obstacle – and subsequently find myself on my buttocks.

The counter-intuitive skill that I needed to develop when approaching obstacles on my bike was to speed up so I could lift my front tire and allow the physics of momentum to propel me safely to the other side.

As we look at our Coffee House dream, it is easy to focus on the obstacles. We didn’t get as much money as we had hoped. We don’t see any places that are available. The church finances are tight.

One thing is certain, if we focus just on the obstacles, we are sure to hit them! Perhaps the worst thing we could do right now is apply the brakes. 

If I express cautions about the coffee house, it is because I want to acknowledge the reality of the obstacles. But don’t confuse my cautions with anything less than a whole hearted commitment to keep moving forward with this dream.

We have the possiblility of a LARGE sum of money in the form of a grant. We now have one potential partner who wants to meet and talk about a possible space. We have new people coming to Southpoint who share a similar vision and are connected with the arts community. We have a lawyer, realtor and business consultant just waiting for a green light to lend their professional expertise. We have a Director who is willing, ready and able to hit the ground running.

Take a moment or two over the next week and review the original vision of this Coffee House and retrace our journey so far through the other blog posts.  

And remember, momentum is your friend.

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