New Year…New Space…New Beginnings

Jan 02, 2014

Sunnyside ChurchThis Sunday, the community of the Church @ Southpoint will begin meeting for worship in a new worship space: Sunnyside Church at 15639 24th Ave. We will also be gathering at a new time. We plan on beginning our services at 11:15.

Please join us this Sunday as we celebrate the gift of a new beginning. In true Southpoint fashion, we will be doing things a bit differently this Sunday. Our service of worship will begin in the parking lot, and then as a community we will walk through the rooms we will use, blessing the space as we go. We will end in the sanctuary for a short meditation followed by communion. If everyone arrives between 11:10-11:15, that would give the last stragglers from Sunnyside a chance to leave, as well as allow us to begin our blessing of the space together.

The church sneaks up on you, and can be a bit hard to spot the first time. If you are coming from King George Highway, it is on your left hand side just before the 99 overpass. There is a left hand turn lane that allows you to turn easily into the parking lot. If you are driving towards King George Highway, it will be on your right. The turn for the parking lot is right where the “i” sign advertising the information center in 3km.

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