Not All Who Wander Are Lost (1) Jesus Sought Me

River of Grace, by Lisle Gwynn Garrity of A Sanctified Art, 2024.

Luke 5: 1-11

Jesus has a vision for his Father’s house. He has a renovation in mind. He wants to take down walls that keep people out. He wants to replace the architecture of legalism and make room for an abundant feast of grace. He is going to need other people to help him bring about this vision. Even Jesus isn’t expected to do it alone.

In today’s story, we watch Jesus on the banks of the Galilee, picking his team. Notice who he’s choosing. He’s not choosing those who had been groomed by the establishment. He’s choosing those who know very little about the religious establishment to help him throw this abundant feast of grace. 

Simon Peter’s first response to Jesus is, “Who, me? I’m not worthy.” He’s stuck, bogged down by limiting beliefs, stuck in corridors of scarcity. Yet Jesus just responds, “Don’t be afraid. Nothing that you see in you can come between us.” Come, follow me. We’re going to do some real fishing!

And at that, Simon and his friends pulled their boats up on shore, left their nets, and went with Jesus. They had no clue where they were going. Had no idea what delights or dangers lay ahead. They had no plan. No destination. Just a desire to wander with this man, Jesus, following him step, by step, by step.

Like Peter in this story, we can get  stuck in corridors of limiting beliefs. Bogged down pockets of scarcity, fear, and shame. We can feel unworthy of abundance, unworthy of change and transformation. In these dark, constricted internal spaces, it is hard to see our faces. It is hard to remember who we are. We get afraid to move, afraid to step out and try new things.

The good news is that Jesus is with us in that stuck place, just as he was with Peter. Jesus holds a vision of who we are that is bigger, richer, deeper and  kinder than the limiting beliefs we have of ourselves. When we are ready, Jesus calls us to step out and come wandering with him, so we too can participate in the feast of grace.

Deep peace and blessing, 


Rev. Anne Baxter Smith
Pastor, The Church at Southpoint 

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