Palm Sunday: Resources for Worshipping in Place

Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) – God


Hello church family,

Today felt heavy for me, and I am wondering how you are doing. It feels strange to be entering into Holy Week from this place of social distancing. I am missing you!

Next Sunday, Easter, we will attempt to worship together through Zoom. For tomorrow, however, Angela and I have created a Palm Sunday worshipping in place resource for you.

Below, you will find both the liturgy (which has remained the same for the last four weeks), as well as the link to the weekly insert crafted for Palm Sunday.

In the weekly resource, you will see the scripture as well as a link to a meditation I have recorded for you, a Josh Garrels song recorded by Johanna, questions for exploration, some prayer suggestions, and another song suitable for Palm Sunday.

Deep peace,



Our last Psalm of Ascent: Psalm 134.

Our Sunday worship is like a journey through our four core images, and our liturgy reflects this. When you open the liturgy, this order of service is laid out for you:

Coming to the Well    page 1
Mending the Net        page 1-2
Watering the Seed     Refer to insert sent each week
Sitting at the Table     page 3
Going Out to Love      page 3

This is the liturgy you may have printed last weekend – so you may not need to print it again this Sunday.

Liturgy for Worshipping in Place, Lent 2020

This is the weekly supplemental material which you can slip right in when you reach the “Watering the Seed” point in the liturgy.

(4) 2020-04-05 Watering the Seed Palm Sunday



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