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An Official Welcome from the Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms (CABF)

Marlene Knowles, President of the CABF, reached out to Anne and the Leadership Team earlier this week to say: “On June 3, 2023, the members of CABF were delighted to vote to accept the application of The Church at Southpoint for membership. Welcome! We look forward to working for many years in collaboration and cooperation as we serve our God.”

CABF is a growing Canada-wide fellowship composed of both individuals and churches. Our application, and that of Kitsilano Christian Community Church, had been recommended by the Council earlier this spring was ratified by the full membership on Saturday.

Currently, member churches are located in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. CABF seeks to be a safe and welcoming environment in which Baptists can share all concerns and points of view without fear of being marginalised. Their vision statement is “Baptists freely seeking, living, sharing and celebrating justice, peace and love under the lordship of Christ”.  The CABF is partnered with Canadian Council of Churches and the Alliance of Baptists.

A first annual CABF “Cross-Canada” Retreat will be held at First Baptist Edmonton (also a new member) from Oct 23-26 with the goal of gathering, learning, encouraging and blessing one another as we continue to move forward in the journey of being and building up the CABF community. 

Worship Calendar

Location & Zoom. We meet on Sundays at 15639 24 Avenue, Surrey. Zoom is offered if you cannot attend in person. Zoom link. Meeting ID: 831 1690 9977 password: 753319

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Sun May 12   Mother’s Day
Acts 1:15-17, 21-26

Sun May 19 Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21

Sun May 26 
No service at the Sunnyside building
Brunches Together!

Sun Jun 2
Rev Rusty Edwards (CABF)
2 Cor 4:5-12

Sun Jun 9
2 Cor 4:13-5:1

Sun Jun 16
2 Cor 5:6-11, 14-17

Sun Jun 23
Baptisms, at A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre No service at the Sunnyside building

Sun Jun 30 
Fifth Sunday Brunches Together No service at the Sunnyside building

New to Southpoint?

At Southpoint, it all begins with God’s love. Just as a plant grows, it receives sunshine, so we grow as we receive God’s love. At Southpoint, we are growing in our capacity to love God, ourselves, one another, and creation.

We seek to be a community of grace that is intentional yet organic, spacious yet authentic, grace-filled yet accountable. * We are fully welcoming. *

We encourage relationships rather than run programs, yet we recognize the importance of intentionality and structure as we nurture life together.

As a community, we seek to put our love in action. We value helping out on Sunday mornings, sharing food, and showing up in hard times. We keep our church life simple so folk have time to build relationships with family, friends, and neighbours. We encourage folk to serve in tangible ways within the wider community. We rent space rather than own a building, allowing us to do more with less, supporting missions at home and abroad.

Curious to know more?

These six slides express what motivates our ministry (best viewed on a monitor). Here’s the bio of our Pastor, Rev. Anne Baxter Smith.

If you’d like to really peek inside, sign up for our weekly Southpoint News (scroll to brown footer at bottom of page). The Southpoint News is a MailChimp distributed email—you can unsubscribe anytime and will not be added to our contacts list. Email us at Website:

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