River Sunday

Serpentine, Nicomekl and Tatalu / Little Campbell watersheds
Credit:  A Rocha Canada

This Sunday marked the final of four devoted to the Season of Creation. We had a brilliant ALL In celebrating our watersheds, complete with water testing stations, as we learned the importance of being friends of our watersheds.

As we draw this season to a close, it’s important to have tangible actions that we can carry forward as we practice being kin with creation. Watersheds are interconnected, and actions taken in one part of a watershed can have consequences downstream. Becoming a friend of watersheds involves our collective actions to protect and restore these critical natural systems.

“While we are empowered to do more than we imagined, we are not called to do more than we can. A great deal of our activism in the Spirit is accomplished in simple ways… In the end, it may be the little things that make the difference…  We need to be only who we are, as loving and kind as we can, for blessings to flow through us.” —Steven Charleston **

Watershed Challenge!
Small actions make a big difference when we do them collectively. Here’s a list of small actions for you! Choose a level of engagement that fits you, and see how many boxes you can tick off between now and spring!

Motivated to learn about watersheds? Make it personal.
Make friends with your watershed.

? What watershed do you live in? 
? Locate the river on a map and trace where it flows.

? Find a walk to enjoy within your watershed.
? Find a walk alongside the river.
? Visit the place where the water flows into the Salish Sea. 

? Download the Seek App to help you identify species.  
? Start a Field Journal notebook
? List species you’ve spotted along your walks.  
? Find out a bit about them. What’s your favourite new friend?

Motivated to build better practices?
Make it personal. 
Care for your watershed. 
? Research the ecological significance of your watershed.
? Walk your property or apartment complex: can water soak into the earth, or is it all covered up?
? Minimize water pollution: properly dispose of household chemicals, oils, & other hazardous materials. 
? Avoid harmful pesticides and fertilizers in your yard & garden.

? Practice water conservation in your daily life: fix leaks, use water-saving appliances, reduce water waste. The less water you use, the less stress on your watershed.
? Use native plants in your landscaping. Native vegetation helps absorb & filter rainwater, reducing runoff & pollution.
? Attend clean-up events to remove litter from streets, parks, & water bodies.
? Reduce pavement & hard surfaces on your property that prevent rainwater from infiltrating the ground, increasing runoff.
? Be mindful during recreational activities like boating & fishing. Follow regulations & guidelines to minimize your impact on aquatic ecosystems.

Motivated to Make a Difference? Make it personal.
Become an ally of your watershed.
? Find out what sustainable land use & development practices your city promotes? 
? What groups already work for the wellbeing of your watershed? (ie: A RochaFriends of the Little Campbell) Consider supporting their efforts.
? Join local watershed organizations, or participate in volunteer activities such as stream clean-ups, habitat restoration, and water quality monitoring.
? Advocate for sustainable land use and development practices in your community. Support zoning regulations that protect critical watershed areas.
? If you own land near a water body, consider creating riparian buffer zones with native vegetation to filter runoff and provide habitat for wildlife.
? Prevent erosion by planting ground cover, using erosion control mats, and installing silt fences in construction areas to keep soil out of water bodies.
? Advocate for policies and legislation that protect watersheds and water resources at local, state, and national levels.
? Share your knowledge about watersheds and the importance of watershed conservation with friends, family, and your community. Encourage others to join in conservation efforts.

Deep peace and blessing,

Rev. Anne Baxter Smith
Pastor, Church at Southpoint

** Steven Charleston, Ladder to the Light: An Indigenous Elder’s Meditations on Hope and Courage

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