Slow Church

Sep 24, 2015

Our leadership team will be reading the book SLOW CHURCH together. This book seems to both sum up who we are and who we are becoming as a community, by God’s grace and goodness. From now til Advent, expect to see quotes from this book cropping up in odd places:) Here is one to whet your appetite:

“….The people of God are at the heart of God’s mission for reconciling creation. In the Western world where individualism reigns supreme, there is unfamiliarity, awkwardness and even slowness in our calling to live as a community of God’s people. We are so accustomed to living and acting as autonomous individuals that the idea of being God’s people in the world can be tough to wrap our heads around. Being God’s people is messy at best. We are broken beings with fears, prejudices, addictions and habits that are harmful to ourselves and others. It can seem more practical and convenient (and even considerate!) to keep to ourselves and minimize the risk that we’ll get entangled in the lives of others. AND YET, as much as we are formed by Western individualism, and though we have allowed that individualism to shape the way we read scripture, our calling in Christ is to COMMUNITY, to a life shared with others in a local gathering that is an expression of Christ’s body in our particular place.”

September Calendar

September 19th: Leadership mini-retreat – 8:30 – noon

September 20th: SUNDAY WORSHIP: ALL IN KICK OFF SUNDAY! 11:15 am. Please bring substantial finger food to share together after our worship.

September 25th: Youth @ Jen and Andrew’s, 7:30-9:00

September 27th: SUNDAY WORSHIP: Are You My Other, Part 2: Worshipping with your “Other”.

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