Small Ritual Coffee Community Welcome

Jul 08, 2009

In ten days, we will take part in our first community event through Small Ritual Coffee! The catch is, we most likely will not have the occupancy permit in time (we knew it would be tight!) The good news is, we planned the event so that we don’t need the indoor space for it to be successful.

So, we’re taking it to the street!

Our goal for the event is simple: promote Small Ritual Coffee, connect with the community and extend hospitality.

In order to do this, we will have a face-painting area and a kids craft. We will have cool t-shirts (we’ll be wearing them!) and great coupon/cards/stickers to hand out – we may even still be able to serve some coffee.

As a special feature, we are sponsoring the Checkerboard Guy as a gift to the Tour de White Rock Five Corners Block Party.


The party starts at 11am and winds down around 2:30pm on Saturday, July 18th – right in front of Small Ritual Coffee (1237 Johnston in White Rock under the clock tower).

Talk to Scott if you would like to volunteer – or just show up on the day and hang out, have fun and enjoy the Five Corners Block Party!

Thanks to Katie, Sarah, Stacey, Pete, Noni, Glen, Cheryl and others who are serving to put this event together!

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