Small Ritual Coffee – Construction Update

Apr 23, 2009



A huge thanks to everyone who generously volunteered their time this past week to help with demolition.  Tim, Danny, John, George, Brad, Mike, Geoff, Brigittta, Brian, Roz, Brent, Scott, you are all my heroes!  Many hours were spent chipping up floors, tearing down walls, and filling up bins with over 4.5 tonnes of construction debris!  We now have a huge, wide open space to work with and begin construction in.  This place is truly amazing and an absolute gift from God!

The next steps in construction will be filled with lots of red tape and patience as we await approval on plans from Fraser Health and the City of White Rock.  Pray that our plans are being looked over by favourable hands.

We’ll be looking for more volunteers as we start the build out process, so stay tuned for further updates!



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