Southpoint Christmas Services

Dec 24, 2012

December 24: Christmas Eve Service @ the Hardy’s – 4 pm
December 25: No service at the Church At Southpoint

Advent: A Journey through Liminal Space

As I have lived through experiences of suffering this autumn, both my own and others, the words liminal space have slipped often into my mid. “Liminal” comes from the Latin word which means threshold. Liminal space is in between things, on the edge, neither here nor there, neither this nor that, a threshold between one reality and another. Liminal space is a place where you feel suspended, waiting, and therefore you experience disorientation and tension. Yet it is also a holy, God-filled space which contains the promise of transformation.

Advent is a journey deep into liminal space. In Advent, we live between the promise that Christ is coming to heal our broken world and that day when the promise will be fulfilled. When we give ourselves fully to this season, we grow in our ability to live faithfully in the face of all that is incomplete, unknown, and uncomfortable. Even as our schedules increase, may we each find ways to live out this season with depth and intentionality.

Pastor Anne Smith


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