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Good Seed Sunday is a National Celebration for Churches and Community Groups to engage their members with the inspirational vision of creation care.  This Sunday, April 24th, we will gather at A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Center for our annual GOOD SEED SUNDAY ALL OUT, a morning of onion planting!  We will gather @ 10 and work til 12.  It is good fun and a very accessible activity for children.  Bring a picnic if you care to linger.??“Throughout Christian history we have tended to read the Bible as though human life was all God was interested in. However, the biblical vision is one of all Creation flourishing with human beings as God’s appointed stewards and safeguards of it all. Our “caring for and keeping” the garden (Gen 2:15) and our “ruling over and subduing” Creation (Gen 1: 26-28) are the fitting actions of a human life rightly oriented towards God, our neighbors, and all of Creation.??This world belongs to God and was created out of love. “The whole earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,” declares the psalmist (24:1), building on the Genesis account of God delighting in all of Creation and declaring it “very good.” The praise which the psalmist offers to God in worship is the fitting response to God’s gracious work of creating and sustaining all that is. We are born into a world in which all of our needs are provided for by the hand of a generous and loving God. And not just our “needs” – if God were only interested in our “needs” we would have a far simpler world! Consider the sheer variety of finches and fish. This is not about necessity but abundance! And the Bible clearly proclaims this abundant world was made and is everywhere sustained by a God who loves it.” –  Matt Humphrey, “What’s Christianity Got To To With The Environment?”,


Friday, April 22nd:   Youth Group @ Hubbards

Sunday, April 24th:  GOOD SEED SUNDAY ALL OUT

The past two years we’ve spent Good Seed Sunday at Brooksdale Environmental Centre planting onion sprouts.  It’s good fun fit for all ages.  Come to 19353 16 Ave, Surrey, BC from 10-12 am. If the weather is fine, bring a bag lunch and stay after for a picnic:)??

Sunday, May 1st:     Service of Celebration for Rob Des Cotes @ 11:30 am.

Sunday, May 8th:     Sunday Service @ 11:15

Friday, May 13th:     Youth Group @ Hubbards

Sunday, May 15th:    Sunday Service @ 11:15: PENTECOST

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