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Rumi: In the Arms of the Beloved
I will be with you in the grave on the night you leave behind your [work] and your family.
When you hear my soft voice echoing in your tomb,
you will realize that you were never hidden from my eyes.
I am the pure awareness within your heart,
with you during joy and celebrations, suffering and despair.
On that strange and fateful night you will hear a familiar voice…
The euphoria of love will sweep over your grave.

Jesus took on our flesh. He shared in our vulnerability, experienced our desires, bore our sorrows, felt our wounds. chose to walk with us down our path of diminishment, and entered deep into the dark matter of our tombs. For three days, silence reigned. The earth waiting. On the third day, Jesus was swept up into life, exploding death to pieces.  This journey – from the manger, to the path of diminishment, to the cross, to the grave, and finally to  resurrection –  is ours as well.  By his stripes we are being healed.
You who have travelled your whole life with Jesus… yet still find yourself in the tomb, wondering how you got here, and if there is a way out… are you prepared to risk faith, one more time?  Are you open to being rerouted by life?
– Pastor Anne Smith

Sundays Ahead – Up Close and Personal Sermon Series

30 April  – “Encounters with the Risen Christ: Pastor Anne Smith & Kate Morgan

7 May – “At the Tomb” Pastor Anne Smith Text:  John 20: 11-18

14 May – “On the Road” Pastor Anne Smith  Text:  Luke 24: 13-35

21 May – “By the Sea” Pastor Anne Smith  Text:  John 21: 1-19

28 May – ALL OUT Southpoint won’t have a service at Sunnyside and will meet in Gathering Groups instead

4 June – Pentecost Sunday, regular service

11 June – Regular service

18 June – ALL OUT  Father’s Day. Sunnyside United’s last service in the church building! Southpoint will meet in Gathering Groups.

25 June – Baptism Service

Community News

New Administrator
As a church and Leadership Team, we have been seeking a way to meet our administrative needs at Southpoint. Anne has been carrying these for a long time, and we have all been aware that if her time more freed up from some of these tasks, there would be greater freedom to fulfill the pastoral role she carries so well. A year ago, our bookkeeper, Cornelia Dempsey, resigned due to a family move across the country. At that point, we let the church know that we were in need of someone to not only take on the bookkeeping role, but also be able to take on some of the administrative load that Anne has been carrying. At the end of that process, Evelyn Phillips was hired on early last summer, and began learning how to handle all of our financial and bookkeeping needs, which she did with great efficiency and ability. The goal had been that once the financial part of the job was mastered, some of the administrative side of what Anne currently carries could be woven into the job. We have been so very grateful for the gift that Evelyn has been to us. We were saddened that, due to unforeseen circumstances, this time has come to an end, and Evelyn has made the decision to give up the job. During this time of transition, we have been in a holding pattern in which we have been prayerfully keeping space to discover how our ongoing staffing needs, both with our bookkeeping and administrative tasks could be best met. An amazing gift was dropped into our laps in the person of Karin, whom we realized has already been taking on some of the load that Anne has been carrying. She brings just the right gift set, has a deep and thoughtful knowledge about who we are as a church, our vision and mission, and has stepped up to fill the administrative part of the job for us. Sadly, this means she has had to relinquish her position on the Leadership Team, but looks forward to serving us all in this new part time contract position. Sarah, our current Treasurer on the Leadership Team, has graciously taken on the bookkeeping on a volunteer basis, and has generously offered to cover this part of the job for the next few months, at the least. Theresa Fryer, Vice-Chair Southpoint Leadership Team

The Net
With the departure of Lenin and Veronica for parts north, our missions group “The Net” is down a valuable member. This group discerns needs that Southpoint can meet in our local & global community and proposes gifts from a budget administered by the Leadership Team. We’ve room for more than one new member! Please contact Anne if you’d like to join or know more.


Thursday, 27 April at 4:30 pm  Youth Interns meeting with Anne, Kingfisher Farm.

Friday, 28 April at 8:00 pm  Drinks and Delight: Southpoint women! Friday is movie night at my house. If you could rsvp to me it would help me to know where I’ll set up. Bring a bowl of your favourite popcorn or movie-watching snack.

Friday, 28 April from 5:30 to 7:30 pm +13 Youth Group at Jen and Andrew Hubbard’s home.

Monday, 1 May from 5:00 to 6:15 pm Baptism class meeting with Anne, Kingfisher Farm.

Weekend of 27, 28 May  Meet in Gathering Groups

Friday, 2 to Sunday 4 June  +13Youth Small Group Retreat! More info next week from Jen Hubbard.

Weekend of 17, 18 June  Meet in Gathering Groups


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