Southpoint News April 4, 2018


The Revelation of Divine Love

For Mary, Easter morning began with confusion, grief, and tears, but it ended with joy, promise, and hope. Jesus was not what Mary assumed he’d be – a dead false messiah. He wasn’t where Mary thought he’d be – lying in a cold stone tomb. Jesus was standing beside her, waiting for her to recognize him, waiting to give her this fuller revelation of Divine Love. Despite what we may feel, think, and conclude based on our life experience, Divine Love CANNOT be destroyed, overcome, or banished from our lives. Whatever breaks your hearts, whatever has shattered your dreams, whatever leaves you cynical, bitter, and weeping, resurrection is waiting for you. Divine Love stands near you, speaking a revelation yet unrecognizable to you, speaking blessing and hope over your broken, wounded heart:  “My love for you cannot be destroyed. Not by your unbelief. Not by your fear. Not by your violence. Not by your rejection. Not by your boredom. Not by your sorrow. I am alive, and I am ascending. I am rising.”

Pastor Anne Smith


Please pray for all the vulnerable families in our area affected by the high cost of housing. Pastor Anne has received two phone calls just this week from folk displaced as landowners sell off properties for development. If you know of low cost housing options in your circle of connections, people with a heart and capacity to provide affordable housing, please let her know.

Community Events
Swim with the Junior Youth! Sunday, April 15th. The junior youth are inviting the whole church to come swimming on Sunday, 15 April from 1:30-3:30 at Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre.

Good Seed Sunday: Sunday, April 22nd. We are ALL OUT at Brooksdale, 1620 192 Street, Surrey. Come join us at A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Center for our annual Good Seed Sunday onion planting party! Wear clothes for kneeling in the garden. Baked Potato potluck to follow. Bring: A topping – about 6-8 cups of whatever topping you choose; plates, cups, and utensils for your family; a picnic blanket and garden chairs .

Sunday the 8th, April: Easter season at Sunnyside church building, 10:00 am

Sunday the 15th, April: Easter season at Sunnyside church building, 10:00 am AND Swim with Jr. Youth at Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Sunday the 22nd, April: All Out – Good Seed Sunday. Annual Onion Planting and Baked Potato potluck at Brooksdale Environmental Centre, 10:00 am

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Bruce McAndless-Davis
April 10, 2018 1:50 pm

Wow, what a powerful, beautiful reflection on trusting love and believing resurrection. Hit me square in the forehead, where my cynical self has been too busy lately. Thank you Pastor Anne!

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