Southpoint News April 7, 2017

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Patterns of Holy Week

At Southpoint, our celebration of Easter really begins on Palm Sunday. As a church, we gather outside, under the trees near our building. As folk gather, we pass out cedar branches, wooden blocks for banging, and long ribbons on sticks.  We proceed into the sanctuary together, singing songs, beating blocks, waving our branches. We make a ruckus to celebrate the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. On Good Friday, we lay out a path of sorrow at Kingfisher Farm. The stations of the cross are tucked away in the forest and farmland of the farm so that folk can walk the stations of the cross surrounded by cedar trees, the labyrinth, and the Little Campbell River.  There is a meditative space where folk can reflect.  In the room is a large cross, and all who gather are invited to place a hand print in red on the cross before leaving, symbolizing our own betrayal of Christ, as well as our fellowship with him in his suffering.

On Easter morning, we gather again for worship. The service begins and we cry out together, “Christ is Risen!! He is Risen Indeed!!!’  We begin to sing, and as we sing, children and adults bring the flowers and greens they have picked from gardens to the wire bound cross at the front of the church.  We fill the cross to overflowing with flowers and greens. It is a messy, gorgeous display of abundance springing forth from the scarcity of the cross. We sing songs, proclaim the story, sing more songs, share communion – the broken body of Christ has become the feast of resurrection life. I hope you can join us as we live out these patterns of life, death, and resurrection together.


April 9th:    Palm Sunday Service @ 11:15 “The Desire for Peace and the Way of Sloth” Speaker: Anne Smith with Leah

April 10th:   Enneagram Follow-up @7-9 pm, Kingfisher Farm

April 14th:   Good Friday @ Kingfisher Farm. This year, along with the stations of the cross, there will be space for prayer and reflection around the sins we’ve been exploring this Lenten Season. Drop in between 1-3. Kingfisher Farm, 512 172nd St.

April 16th:   Easter Service @ 11:15  Bring fresh flowers and greens to help us decorate the cross.

Community News

  • A Chance to Learn More about the Enneagram:  If you have found the desires and disorders of the enneagram a helpful guide and would like to know more, I’ll offer a session on Monday, April 10th @ 7-9  in the Shiloh Shelter, Kingfisher Farm as a way of drawing the pieces together and entering more intentionally into the Passion of Jesus during Holy Week. He died to release us from the disorder of death and draw us into life.  Come Lord Jesus come! Please RSVP if you plan on attending.
  • Baptisms and Dedication: I will begin a baptism class after Easter for  young folk in our church who have expressed a desire to be baptized.  The baptism will take place on the last Sunday of June. If you or your child are interested, please contact me. Alternatively, if you would like your child to be dedicated at any point, please do let me know.
  • Drinks and Delights: The women of Southpoint would like to deepen our friendships with one another by sharing experiences and telling our stories. To live into this desire, we will gather for the six Friday evenings after Easter from 8-10.  Each week will be hosted by a different woman, and each week a different woman will share with us something that brings her delight in a way that gets us involved and talking.  Cheryl, who delights in making drinks, will feature a different drink each night, and we’ll pitch in to cover the cost. Interested? Please let Anne know.

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