Southpoint News December 4, 2017


Remember to fall back this evening

The Many Faces of Grace: Morning Light

Each day, the sun takes a bit longer to rise. I drink my morning coffee in the dark now, and when I walk Gracie through the woods at 8 a.m., the day seems shrouded. As the darkness of the season lengthens and deepens around us, I offer you these readings from Brent’s Sunday reflection. May every sun’s rising surprise us with God’s Hesed Love. (Ps 91:14) May the light buoy our spirits and pull us outdoors. May we hunger for the light, even as we feel our way in the dark.

Pastor Anne Smith


In outer space the sun’s light is invisible, meaningless—until it finds a place to land. This morning, first thing, the sunlight touched the tops of trees, then lit up the faces of the houses, wrapped its arms around the town. It reaches between things with delight, warms the ground, makes little pools of colour in the woods, dresses things, changes the air. After 93 million miles the sunlight finds things, even an old stone wall, to make it beautiful. No matter your state, you are here for a place for God’s grace to land and not fall on empty ground. Fieving or joyous, sick or well, struggling or at ease, you are where God’s grace needs to come to be beautiful. Let it fall into you, and give thanks. Steve Garnaas-Holmes

“There is sunlight in the mountains today. The morning is crisp and clear as untrammelled thought. Against the sky, the trees raise crooked fingers in praise. To be here is to be affected, made more. Filled. The creative energy of the universe. Drink it in, my friends…” Richard Wagamese

“Your light comes into my darkness, yet my darkness remains unlit. All the same, I ask you to keep shining, and I will try not to be angry at your brightness. Perhaps at some moment during this day your glance of light will fall into my wearied soul. I do not ask you to stop shining, only this—understand my dark moment and be gentle with your light. O Morning, respect my darkness.” Macrina Wiederkehr


Healing:  Thank you for your prayers for continued healing and renewal for: Christine, Kate, Anne & Chris, Shirley and Ron Baxter. Our dear friends with their hands in Christ’s firm grip deeply covet and appreciate your intercession: ask for grace and light to push back the darkness of suffering and bring full healing.


Lectio Divina with Pastor Anne and the Lectionary ?Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. @ Third Space, 1381 George Street


Sunday, November 4th Sunday service @10:00 a.m. Cme hear about 4 organizations the NET is considering as missional partners for Southpoint. Sapling children will stay up with us to hear about these organizations too.

Sunday, November 4th Gathering Group Facilitators’ Potluck at the Ogers’ Home

Sunday, November 4tth Junior Youth, 12:00 p.m., Kingfisher Farm

November 10th and 24th 13+ Youth Group

Sunday, November 12th Sunday service @10:00 a.m. Speaker:  Anne Smith

Sunday, November 19th Sunday service @10:00 a.m. Speaker:  Leah Kostamo

Tuesday, November 21st Evening Lectio Divina Group at Kingfisher Farm, 512 172 Street

Sunday, November 26th Sunday service ALL IN @10:00 a.m. “Preparing the Space for Advent” followed by POTLUCK for everyone. A huge thank you to Theresa and Brian’s Gathering Group for fixing soup for everyone. Please bring bread, baked goods, or other finger foods to share.

Sunday, December 3rd  Advent Begins!

Friday, December 22nd Christmas Skating Party – save the date  6:30 pm, Centennial Arena, White Rock

Winter Retreat at Camp Tulahead

Please fill out a registration form and submit to Colin by November 26, 2017 with all funds or the following: 50% due November 26, 2017 and 50% due January 14, 2018.  Costs: Adults – $150  hildren ages 6-11 are $130 Children 5 and under are free. Meals will be provided: Friday snack; all meals Saturday; all meals Sunday; Bunch on Monday. Pease direct questions to Colin.

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