Southpoint News February 24, 2018

papermacheheartRemember, we’re meeting in Gathering groups:

it’s an All Out Sunday!

Beloved Is Where We Begin

If you would enter into the wilderness,
do not begin without a blessing.
Do not leave without hearing who you are:
Beloved, named by the One who has traveled this path before you.”

This is the beginning of Jan Richardson’s Lenten blessing. In 30 minutes I leave to meet with denominational leaders about our church’s decision to welcome a same sex couple into membership. As I do so, I remember that I am God’s beloved. That we are all God’s beloved. I place my hands on my chest and I say the words of our Lenten Booklet: “Behold the Beholder Beholding you…and smiling.” I am surprisingly calm. I am deeply grateful for the miracle of our church, the journey we’ve been on, and the prayers extending my way as I represent us. My prayer is that I would be a fulcrum of divine love, and I would recognize the belovedness in the men with whom I will be speaking. I don’t know what your wilderness is today, but if it is one you find hard to bear alone, I invite you to read the rest of Jan’s poem. I welcome you to put your hand on your chest, right now, and say to yourself, “I am God’s beloved.”

Pastor Anne Smith

Compassionate Communication Workshop

Saturday, 3 March, 9:00-1:00 at ThirdSpace cafe:  (1 – 1381 George Street, White Rock)

During our Winter Retreat, we explored four practices identified by the Peace Portal Counseling Centre that help strengthen the bonds within families, whether that be our church family or our individual families. One of those four practices is something called Non-Violent Communication (NVC) or Compassionate Communication. NVC is rooted in the idea that it is our true nature to find strength and joy in giving and receiving, in speaking and being heard, in a compassionate way. Along the way, however, our capacity for compassionate communication has been marred by experiences, by the influence of culture and society, and by our own fears. If you would like to know more, the Southpoint family is invited to a Non-Violent Communication workshop facilitated by Kate Morgan. Come explore the main principles with lots of time for discussion and practice. there is a quiet room for small children and an activity room for older children. We have been invited by God to be people distinguished by our Love – Love of God, Love of others, and Love of self. Together we’ll explore the power of NVC to empower us in each of those Loves. “I really hope to see you there”  – Kate


Photo Directory

Please see Tim and Cheryl at next week’s service to have your photo taken for the church directory.

Southpoint 2017 AGM:  This Wednesday, 28 February, at Sunnyside church building, 6:30 pm.

You’re invited by the Leadership Team and Pastor Anne Smith to the Church at Southpoint’s AGM on Wednesday. Gather at Sunnyside and bring some dessert or finger foods to share. If you’d like a copy of the AGM package, please contact Pastor Anne.

Centering Prayer Workshop:  Saturday, 10 March, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Thee Peninsula United Church warmly invites the folk of Southpoint church to a workshop on Centering Prayer led by two experienced facilitators from the Contemplative Outreach organization. Hosted at the Sunnyside site, 15639 24 Avenue. Cost:  $40, including lunch and materials.There will be four follow-up sessions from 7:00-9:00 pm on March 15, 22, April 5, 12 at the Crescent site, 2756 127 Street. Please contact Judy Dekerf by March 1 if you are interested in attending.

Love Unveiled: A Lenten Calendar

Sunday the 25th, Feb:   ALL OUT in Gatherings:  Mark 2: 2-9, Love Transforms

Wednesday the 28th, Feb: Southpoint AGM (all are welcome) at Sunnyside church building, 6:30 pm

Sunday the 4th, March:  John 2: 13-25, Love Purifies at Sunnyside church building, 10:00 am

Sunday the 11th, March:  John 3: 14-21, Love Saves at Sunnyside church building, 10:00 am

Sunday the 18th, March:  John 12: 20-33, Love Draws at unnyside church building, 10:00 am

Sunday the 25th, March:  John 12: 12-16, Love Approaches ALL IN Sunday at nnyside church building, 10:00 am

Friday the 30th, March:  Good Friday

Snday the 1st, April:  Easter, Love Unveiled, at Sunnyside church building, 10:00 am

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