Southpoint News February 4, 2017

feetThe Practice of Epiphany: Praying with Our Feet

Professor Abraham Joshua Heschel, the famous Jewish philosopher, went to Selma, Alabama in 1965  to march with Martin Luther King Jr. When questioned why such an important scholar would come down to Selma to join in the protest, Heschel replied, “When I march in Selma, my feet are praying.” Praying is like water. It comes in many forms, each form bearing its own gift and purpose.  Breathing can be a form of prayer. So can honest, heart-felt conversation with God. Lighting a candle and sitting in silence can be prayer.  Speaking in tongues can be prayer. Participating in a protest march can be prayer.  There is no one size fits all – prayer is dynamic, changeable, a way of participating in and responding to life and God’s presence, from the depth of our being. This Sunday, we will be gathering for worship at our regular time. The service will be shorter and include our children. We will sing, read the scripture, and share a story that fits with the gospel message of being salt and light. We will pray together, as God’s people, and share communion.  We planned to end early so that those who feel compelled to pray with their feet could continue on to Peace Arch Park for a “peaceful and inclusive” demonstration on the Canadian side of Peace Arch Park that was to be held this Sunday from 10-3.  The focus of The demonstration organizers are seeking to celebrate the beauty of diversity, intentionally welcome refugees in the midst of a political climate of fear, and demonstrate what unites us as denizens of this planet.  Unfortunately, this event has been postponed due to weather. As the Spirit invites each of us into prayer for our world, our community, and our neighbours, may we seek to listen to one another’s joy and sorrow. May we be sensitive to where God is already sewing seeds of hope, love, and peace. “When you are trained to be small and quiet and tend to the needs of others, you can actually hear their voices. And when your heart collects enough stories of suffering, it bursts open with groans and cries for an end to our neighbor’s pain. Turns out when your heart breaks apart at the seams, it cannot be patched up and the lament, sorrow, and also joy pours forth endlessly.” – Cindy Brandt, Sojouners Magazine
Check out Brian Oger’s blog as preparation for this walk:


February 5th @ 11:15:    SUNDAY SERVICE, “Praying with Our Feet”
February 10th @ 6:        YOUTH GROUP, Hubbard Home
February 12th @ 11:15   SUNDAY SERVICE, Speaker: Anne
February 19th @ 11:15:  SUNDAY SERVICE, Speaker: Anne Smith
February 22nd @ 7pm:    MUSIC JAM at Neufelds
February 24th @6:          YOUTH GROUP, Hubbard Home
February 26th@ 11:15:    SUNDAY SERVICE, All In
March 1st @7:00            AGM @ Sunnyside Church

Prayers and Community News:

Love little ones and desire to see them grow in God? ?We are in need of another teacher for our Sprouts (3-6 year olds) class! Please talk to Jen Hubbard if you think this might be a good fit for you.

Please pray for Anne and Chris Hartnell.
Anne had a car accident last Tuesday and their car has been written off and Anne is undergoing therapy for whiplash.

You are invited to a music jam on Wednesday February 22 – 7pm. Worship leaders are going to come with new music to learn together. We’d love to have the opportunity to make music together more as well as learn some new songs so – bring your voice, your instrument and come on down to Kingfisher Farm, we’ll meet at the Neufeld’s. Everyone is invited! (RSVP Please)

Craig and I will be the speakers for a CBWC pastors conference in Manitoba from Sun-Wed. We won’t see you this Sunday but will be thinking of you all. Please pray that we can be a source of blessing and encouragement.

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