Southpoint News February 5, 2016


February 5th – 8th: Church Winter Retreat.



February 10th:   Ash Wednesday Contemplative Prayer Space  7-8 pm, Shiloh Shelter, Kingfisher Farm

February 1         Sunday Service @ 11:15, beginning of Lent

February 16th:   Next Parent’s meet up for folk with little ones will be at Michelle Jacksons, 9:30 -11.

February 21       ALL OUT: Pot- luck house church breakfasts

Sunnyside United will be having its AGM this morning, so the sanctuary will not be available to us. Instead of gathering at Sunnyside, sign up to be a part of a small group pot luck breakfast and we’ll place you in a home. Happy to host? Let us know.

February 23rd:   SOUTHPOINT AGM @ Sunnyside. 7 pm.

Pot-Luck Dessert Celebration begins @ 6:30

At the AGM, we will approve minutes of our 2014 AGM, accept the reports for 2015, and vote on the budget for 2016. We will be voting on the leadership team’s recommendation to accept Roxy and Matt Humphrey into membership. Finally, the leadership team has proposed a change to our bylaws, which has been forwarded to a bylaws committee. At the AGM, the bylaws committee will be submitting a proposed change to the congregation for vote. This proposal changes the term of service from two years to three. The new bylaw will read:
5.8 Term of Office

The members of the Leadership Team shall ordinarily hold office for a term of three years. They are eligible for additional terms but may not serve more than six consecutive years, after which they must retire for at least one year before any re-election.

February 28th:    Sunday Service @ 11:15

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