Southpoint News January 15, 2016


We hold values that lie at the core of who we are, values which matter deeply to us such as beauty, loyalty, faithfulness, perseverance, humility, community and so on.  As we name these core values and live them with intention, these values become incarnate or enfleshed in our lives. We experience a congruence between who we are at our deepest core and how we are living, and this congruence brings relief and freedom.

As we move deeper into intimacy with Jesus, the Holy Spirit rearranges our values.  Some values stay constant, some become more dominant within us, and others lie down and grow quiet. We  share in the values of God’s heart, but these values find unique expression and unique priorities in us.  Our unique calling, our vocare, is in part a reflection of this arrangement of values within us by God’s Spirit.

One of my intentions for our community has been explore what it might look like to allow the different spiritual types identified in Holme’s circle of sensibility to shape our worship life together. For the past two weeks my intention has been to focus on Quadrant 2 – a spirituality of the heart. We have had time to reflect on our personal life stories through Sarah’s tool box as a life coach.  This past Sunday, Sarah led us through Part 2 of our exploration of values, the focus being on living with intention.  A big thank you to Denise who volunteered to be our guinea pig for the morning, and to Sarah, who led us through the morning with a steady hand. ** This Sunday, we will  move into Quadrant 3 – contemplative spirituality of the soul. I have asked Rob Des Cotes to model what such worship could look like for us. I am sure this will be a rich experience for us as a community. Please come with an open receptiveness to what the Spirit might want to do in us and through us.


January 15th: Youth Group – Hubbard’s Home, 6-8 pm

January 17th: SUNDAY SERVICE @ 11:15

January 19th: Parent meet up Tea, 9:30 am @ the Goode’s home: #59, 15355 26th ave in the South Wind townhome complex.

January 22nd: Youth Group – Hubbard’s Home, 6-8 pm

January 24th: ALL IN SERVICE @ 11:15

January 29th: GAME NIGHT @  7 pm, Shiloh Shelter, Kingfisher Farm

January 31st: SUNDAY SERVICE @ 11:15

Mending the Net:  Community Connections

Men’s Events Announcements from Jason Goode

“I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!”   Ryan Koch is starring in this play that runs this week and next. Location: Studio Theatre, Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam Cost: $22 ($18 for seniors)

Men’s Movie Night  – Tuesday, Feb 2nd
I don’t know what we’ll go see, but save the date in your calendar! There are lots of great movies out there, so we’ll have lots to choose from in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you can make it. (I can give you a ride.)
Location: either the Hollywood 3 in Newton, or a White Rock theatre
Movie: TBD.

Welcome Baskets for Refugees – DUE DATE: January 31st!!
The youth are collecting handmade objects such as candles, blankets, soaps, dishcloths, pottery, jams, honey, etc, as well as gift cards to grocery stores so that they can create 10-15 baskets for refugee families that will be arriving in Surrey. Please bring your contributions to church and give to Jen.

Syrian Family @ Kingfisher Farm: Final Preparations

Our goal is to have the farmhouse ready to receive a refugee family by this Monday, January 18th, and we could have a family arrive anytime thereafter. If you’d like to be a part of this venture, we are still collecting items for the home and pantry. Follow this link to see the spreadsheet. If any of you would rather contribute a $ amount and have me do the shopping for you, just let me know and I’ll be your personal shopper:)
Please pray for all of us at Kingfisher Farm as we move forward with this  intention.

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