Southpoint News January 29, 2016


Hungry, Part 2

This past Sunday we broke into small groups to talk about our hunger for God. Looking backwards  to Holme’s 4 Spiritual Types, we talked about the unique expressions this hunger is taking, and what might fill this hunger.  Meanwhile, the children of our church happily munched on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Rumour has it Jerrod ate 5!

I am wondering how this theme has lingered in your minds this week and what ideas for feeding yourself you have been contemplating…I wonder which of these ideas you can do with others, which ones you need to pursue on your own, and which ones we might weave into our corporate practices as a church. I would love to hear your musings.

Bring your favourite game and snack to share to
Shiloh Shelter, 512 172nd St. Kingfisher Farm
(Regrets that I won’t be there, but my family is whisking me away: Shhh..It’s my birthday!)

Welcome Baskets for Refugees – DUE DATE: January 31st!!
The youth are collecting objects such as candles, blankets, soaps, dishcloths, pottery, jams, honey, etc, (homemade or store bought) as well as gift cards to grocery stores so that they can create 10-15 baskets for refugee families that HAVE arrived in Surrey.


January 29th:  GAME NIGHT @  7 pm, Shiloh Shelter, Kingfisher Farm

January 31st:   SUNDAY SERVICE @ 11:15

February 3rd:  Knitting Night! 7-9 pm. Cheryl Emmanuels will be hosting once again a knitting night every other week for anyone interested, at any level of experience. The Knitting Night will happen every other week starting Feb 3rd, so come crochet, knit, or simply enjoy the company.

February 5th – 8th:  Church Winter Retreat.  NO CHURCH ON THE 7th of FEBRUARY


Mending the Net:  Community Connections

New Prayer Initiative Begins
A hunger has been growing in many hearts at Southpoint to go deeper in our prayer and intercession for one another.  Brian Oger will be leading an evening training session so we can practise together how we can best pray for one another.

Men’s Movie Night  – Tuesday, Feb 2nd
A note from Jason Goode: : “I don’t know what we’ll go see, but save the date in your calendar! There are lots of great movies out there, so we’ll have lots to choose from in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you can make it. (I can give you a ride.)”
Date: Tuesday, Feb 2nd
Location: either the Hollywood 3 in Newton, or a White Rock theatre
Movie: TBD.

Syrian Family @ Kingfisher
A Syrian family has said YES to moving onto Kingfisher farm and will be arriving next week. So exciting!  They are an olive farming family from outside Aleppo.   They seem warm, bright, thoughtful people. While they have no English, they are keen to begin their English classes (in whatever form that may take!) Please pray for….
Saleh (husband)
Nasreen (wife)
Mazkken (6yr old daughter)
Izat (4 yr old boy)
Ieesha (2 yr old girl)
Jen and Andrew Hubbard are also on the list to host. Please keep us all in your prayers.

Church Directory has been updated! If you need a printed copy, please contact Cornelia. Electronic copy will be circulated this week. If you do not receive the electronic email from Anne, please let her know.

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