Southpoint News June 18, 2018

Next week there will be no service in the Sunnyside building:
read on about Gathering Groups.


What are Gathering Groups?

This summer, Gathering Groups will meet on the fourth Sunday of June, July and August. Gathering groups provide a rhythm of connection and care where we can practice the craft of neighbourliness. New folk put names to faces; generations rub shoulders, and folks share stories, activities, and food. When someone has a need, fellow group members are encouraged to respond with simple expressions of care. Members might not live in the same neighbourhood, but with a little planning and creativity, these groups provide a taste of neighbourly care often absent in today’s world. Gathering Groups are not designed to fill all the needs for connection nor all the needs for care of group members. Think of it this way: a neighbour provides something very different from a best friend, pastor, counsellor, small group, or social worker. We can be responsive to one another in times of need without being solely responsible! We envision Gathering Group members as “first responders” to folk going through challenges and hard times. Gathering Groups are organic and look different from one another. Some groups have developed traditions and tend to meet at the same place and time and do the same thing each time, like Sunday morning breakfasts at Brent’s house. Other groups like to experiment with new ideas: pumpkin carving, hiking, soup-making, baking, picnics by the beach or in a park. Each group has a facilitator to make sure the groups are meeting and everyone knows where to go. However, all group members are encouraged to help generate ideas and even take turns hosting and facilitating individual meetings. The unifying vision is to build relationships by eating, sharing, visiting, playing and caring, just like in a neighbourhood. Everyone is placed in a gathering group. Gathering groups meet 5 times a year on our ALL OUT Sundays. However, groups are encouraged to meet more frequently to maintain momentum. If you’ve been at Southpoint for a few months and you’re feeling that you might like to stay awhile, we’re busy behind the scenes, figuring out a group for you. We’ve had a lovely influx of new folk and we’re placing you in a Gathering group for the summer. Our groups are bursting at the seams!  Soon we will need to start some new groups. If you would be interested in facilitating a group, please be in touch with Anne. Facilitators meet together twice a year with Anne to explore the “even better yet”. Anne is available for support and conversation in between these sessions.

Lectio Divina in June
Latin for “sacred reading”, lectio divina is an ancient practice of quiet prayer and reflection, reading scripture, and listening to the voice of God, dating back to about 300 AD. By entering into this journey, you are creating space to be attentive and present to God. By entering into this journey, you are also creating space to be attentive to the reality of your own life. The Spirit has a wonderful way of connecting these two realities in meaningful ways. Lectio Divina Prayer Circle on Tuesdays in June from 9:30-10:30 at Pastor Anne’s office in Third Space, 1381 George Street, White Rock. Please arrive five minutes early.

Pitching In with the Kids on Sundays
A wide base of support for the Saplings and Sprouts gives the kids a chance to know us, and be known. Ours is an intergenerational church that values each voice and story. Share yours with the kids! Would you offer four Sundays between Sept – June? Angela is happy toprovide ideas and support. Contact her if you are open to exploring this.

June Calendar
Tuesday, June 19th: (Last) Youth Mentorship Group: Outing to beach, weather permitting
Sunday, June 24th: ALL OUT in Gatherings – No service at Sunnyside!

Summer Calendar
July 1, 8, and 15?: 10 am, Worship at 1620 192 Street, A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre
Sunday, July 22: ALL OUT in Gatherings – No service at Sunnyside!
Sunday, July 29: 10 am, Worship at Sunnyside
Sunday, August 5, 12, & 19: 10 am, Worship at Sunnyside
Sunday, August 26: ALL OUT in Gatherings – No service at Sunnyside!

Southpoint for Newcomers
“Chestnuts in the offering basket?!” In this age of electronic interactions, we want to symbolize the act of giving for our children. The nuts are a visible expression of online giving happening behind the scenes. Feel free to put one in the basket if you give online.
How can I give online?” There’s a link on our Southpoint webpage for donations. Pre-arranged monthly giving is also available. Simply contact Southpoint’s financial admin wizard, Sarah McEvoy for forms and instructions.
“I’d like prayer.” It is our delight and duty to pray for one another.  If you have a prayer need, you may come up for prayer after the service, or you may pass on your request to John Hardy who heads up our prayer chain.
“I’d like to serve.” We have volunteer teams for almost every aspect of our service (greeting, serving coffee, teaching kids, serving communion, etc). We encourage everyone who attends regularly to join a team. Worship is a communal offering – many hands make glad hearts and light work! To explore how you may get involved, please contact Pastor Anne or Angela.
“What are Gathering Groups?” We have five ALL OUT Sundays a year. On these Sundays, we meet in smaller intergenerational gathering groups that help us practice being neighbours to one another. In these groups, we eat, play, swap stories, adventure, pray, and serve. Gathering group members also function as “first responders” should someone in their group have a need. Some gathering groups find times to meet more often. If you are new and would like to join a Gathering Group, please contact Pastor Anne.

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