Southpoint News June 8, 2018

An Important Read!

This newsletter introduces our Summer Worship Plans.

CANCELLED: No Hike tomorrow at Golden Ears Provincial Park.
(Thunderstorms in the forecast.)


Saturday:  TONIGHT at 7 PM!
Our very own Laura and Ryan bring their new album to the barn at Kingfisher Farm,
512 172 St. Tickets are $20 at the door, $5 for kids.
Discount for online purchases:

Summer @ Southpoint
During the past few weeks since Pentecost, we have been exploring what it means to be “glowy”, as one child so aptly described it this past Sunday. We see Divine Love as we look into the face of Jesus. We see Divine Love as we let the Spirit pour over us. As the light of this revelation shines in our inner darkness, we begin to glow. God is unveiling Divine Love, and we are a part of this unveiling. We don’t need to be perfect to do this, and it’s not all up to us. All creation is part of this unveiling. But God finds pleasure in shining Divine Love through us. This summer we are playfully re-imagining church so that we can better position ourselves in the glow and the flow of Divine Love. If we are going to participate in the Divine Revelation of Love to the world, we just might need to rethink the way we do things. Come join us as we re-imagine together what it means to be church.

Church Outside
Imagine a church with buttercups for a carpet, tree trunks for walls, and a ceiling made of sky. Imagine a church with blankets instead of pews, and maybe a lawn chair or two. Imagine a little boy watching an ant crawl up a blade of grass while people sing “Glory!” July 1, 8, and 15th we will be meeting at 10 am for morning worship ?on the grounds of A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre, 16th Ave and 192nd Street. Supply List (to keep you comfortable and curious): Picnic blanket or lawn chair; journal, sketch book, water colours; Instrument, if you want to play along; Thermos with your favourite summer drink; A curious heart, an open mind, and an attentive spirit.

Church in Circles
Imagine church where communion happens over pancakes and maple syrup and the prayers of the people occur around the table. Imagine church where babies nurse, children carve pumpkins, and everyone pitches in to make the soup. Imagine church where Jesus’ heart looks like a hot meal dropped off at the door. June 24th, July 22, and August 26th we will meet in our Gathering groups. Gathering groups are circles of care and connection practicing the craft of neighbourliness. They meet every ALL OUT Sunday, and sometimes in between. Everyone in Southpoint has a Gathering group.  If  you are new to Southpoint and have yet to be placed in a Gathering, please contact Anne.

Church in Stories
Imagine church where everyone’s stories mattered and everyone’s voices were heard. Imagine church where we risk being seen and known, without pretense or shame. Imagine church where God’s Divine Revelation shone through the cracks and grit of our ordinary experience. July 29th, August 5th, 12th, and 19th we will make room for stories. Each Sunday (in the Sunnyside building), someone new to our church will reflect on the way Divine Love has been revealed to them through the cracks and grit of life.

Lectio Divina in June
Latin for “sacred reading”, lectio divina is an ancient practice of quiet prayer and reflection, reading scripture, and listening to the voice of God, dating back to about 300 AD. By entering into this journey, you are creating space to be attentive and present to God. By entering into this journey, you are also creating space to be attentive to the reality of your own life. The Spirit has a wonderful way of connecting these two realities in meaningful ways. Lectio Divina Prayer Circle, Tuesdays in June from 9:30-10:30 at Pastor Anne’s office in Third Space, 1381 George Street, White Rock. Please arrive five minutes early. If you arrive after 9:30 and the door is locked,  text 778-878-4352.

Pitching In with the Kids on Sundays
A wide base of support for the Saplings and Sprouts gives the kids a chance to know us, and be known. Ours is an intergenerational church that values each voice and story. Share yours with the kids! Would you offer four Sundays between Sept – June? Angela is happy to provide ideas and support. Contact her if you are open to exploring this.

June Calendar
Sunday, June 10 am:  Worship at Sunnyside

Friday, June 15: 13+ Youth Group ?End of year party!

Sunday, June 17 10 am, Worship at Sunnyside

Tuesday, June 19: (Last) Youth Mentorship Group: ouuting to beach, weather permitting

Sunday, June 24: ALL OUT in Gatherings

Summer Calendar

July 1, 8, and 15: 100am Worship at 1620 192 Street, at A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre

Sunday, July 2: ALL OUT in Gatherings

Sunday, July 29: 10  am, Worship at Sunnyside

Sunday, August 5, 12, & 19: 10 am, Worship at Sunnyside

Sunday, August 26: ALL OUT in Gatherings

Southpoint for Newcomers
“Chestnuts in the offering basket?!” In this age of electronic interactions, we want to symbolize the act of giving for our children. The nuts are a visible expression of online giving happening behind the scenes. Feel free to put one in the basket if you give on-line.
“How can I give on-line?” There is a link on our Southpoint webpage for donations. Pre-arranged monthly giving is also available. Simply contact Southpoint’s financial admin wizard, Sarah McEvoy for forms and instructions.
I’d like prayer.” It is our delight and duty to pray for one another.  If you have a prayer need, you may come up for prayer after the service, or you may pass on your request to John Hardy who heads up our prayer chain.
“I’d like to serve.” We have volunteer teams for almost every aspect of our service greeting, serving coffee, teaching kids, serving communion, etc). We encourage everyone who attends regularly to join a team. Worship is a communal offering – many hands make glad hearts and light work! To explore how you may get involved, please contact Anne or Angela.
What are Gathering Groups?” We have six ALL OUT Sundays a year. On these Sundays, we meet in smaller intergenerational gathering groups that help us practice being neighbours to one another. In these groups, we eat, play, swap stories, adventure, pray, and serve. Gathering group members also function as “first responders” should someone in their group have a need. Some gathering groups find times to meet more often. If you are new and would like to join a Gathering Group, please contact Anne.

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