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The Revelation of Divine Love

This week we make a quantum shift when it comes to the Revelation of Divine Love. Let’s look back for a moment on our journey:

LENT: Love Unveiled During Lent, we watched Jesus – the way he lived, and moved, and had his being among us. As we paid attention to the way Jesus loved, we observed something of the nature of Divine Love: love blesses, love forgives, love transforms, love purifies, love draws near, and love brings peace. In Lent, we asked for the grace to experience this love as our lived reality. EASTER: He is Risen! On Easter morning, we witnessed the power of this Love as the Risen Christ appeared among us. Truly, Jesus IS the fullest manifestation of Divine Love! On Easter, we asked for the grace to respond to this revelation with Joy!

EASTER SEASON: The Revelation of Divine Love We have continued to meditate on the lectionary texts, many of them post-resurrection accounts of Jesus appearing to his disciples. We have caught a glimpse of just how wide and long and high and deep this radical, inclusive, unconditional, sacrificial love of Jesus is: we are ALL held fast and forgiven! In the season of Easter, we ask for the grace to receive a fresh revelation of this Love.As the weeks went by, we began to see a new pattern emerge in the texts. Not only is Jesus the Revelation of Divine Love, but somehow, we are to meant to be, also. We are called to love one another as Jesus loves us. As we embody the servant-hearted, self-offering love of Jesus, we too, become revelations of Divine Love, part of the great Flow of Love in whom we live and move and have our being.This week, Daniel from Himalayan Life came and shared of his passion for the street kids of Nepal. Compelled by love, wanting them to have ABUNDANT LIFE, he continues to say YES to what seems impossible, continues to dream “WHAT IF?” for the sake of these children. Out of this love has flowed a feeding centre, a shelter, schools, sports programs, a recycling center, and so much more. If you didn’t hear Daniel, listen to him online.

PENTECOST: Love Outpoured This brings us to this Sunday – Pentecost. Praise be to God for Pentecost! On Pentecost, Jesus poured out his Spirit into the hearts of his disciples so that they could fulfill this beautiful calling to be witnesses of Divine Love. We don’t force love out of us, wringing water from a stone. Rather, we open ourselves up to the Spirit, and the Spirit causes the waters of love to flow. The more we rest in the love of God, the more we grow in the love of Jesus, the more we offer up our dry and barren bones to the Spirit, the more we participate and cooperate with the flow within us and around us. During Pentecost, we pray for the grace to open wide our parched hearts to the Spirit so that the Power of Divine Love may flow. This Sunday is a holiday weekend, and many of you will be away. I encourage you to pause to be with Jesus – under a tree, or by the beach, or even at the playground while your children play. Reflect on these seasons of the church year: What grace has Divine Love given you? What feels dry and dead inside you? Ask for the Spirit’s freshness to pour over you, and into you…anointing you for the life you’ve been given, that you may live with love and in love wherever your feet may take you.

Pastor Anne Smith

May Calendar

Sunday, May 20; 10:00 am: Worship at Sunnyside. Pentecost Sunday

Sunday, May 26; 8:30-3:30 pm: Labyrinth Prayer Workshop. To  register: visit Soulstream (

Sunday, May 27; 10:00 am: Worship at Sunnyside: ALL IN & Family Meeting & Potluck

Tuesday, May 29; 6:00 pm: Youth Mentorship at Pastor Anne’s

Welcome to Southpoint!
Pizza Party, June 3rd
Curious about Southpoint? Want to put names to a few faces? Folks new to Southpoint are warmly welcomed to stay after church to have pizza and salad with the Leadership Team and some of our families. This gives you a chance to connect with us more in depth and ask questions you may harbour; it gives us the chance to get to know you better! Over the course of our conversation we’ll share about who we are becoming at Southpoint and what we value, as well as areas of longing for growth. Children are wanted and welcomed. Interested? Please RSVP to


Stay Tuned: Something New! During the first three Sundays of July, we will be experimenting with a new rhythm of worship: worshipping outdoors! We are envisioning a simplified worship under the dappled shade of trees, worshipping on blankets and folding chairs from home, relishing in the goodness of Creation and the beauty of God. We are exploring A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre and Kingfisher Farm as possible venues. Stay tuned for more details.

Southpoint for Newcomers?

“Why nuts in the offering basket?”  In this age of electronic interactions, we want to symbolize the act of giving for our children. The nuts are a visible expression of online giving happening behind the scenes. Feel free to put one in the basket if you give on-line.
“How can I give on-line?” There is a link on our Southpoint webpage for donations. Pre-arranged monthly giving is also available.
“I’d like prayer.” It is our delight and duty to pray for one another.  If you have a prayer need, you may come up for prayer after the service, or you may pass on your request to John Hardy who heads up our prayer chain.
“I’d like to serve.” We have volunteer teams for almost every aspect of our service: greeting, serving coffee, teaching kids, serving communion, etc. We encourage everyone who attends regularly to join a team. Worship is a communal offering – many hands make glad hearts and light work! To explore how you may get involved, please contact Anne or Angela.
“What are Gathering Groups?” We have six ALL OUT Sundays a year. On these Sundays, we meet in smaller intergenerational gathering groups that help us practice being neighbours to one another. In these groups, we eat, play, swap stories, adventure, pray, and serve. Gathering group members also function as “first responders” should someone in their group have a need. Some gathering groups find times to meet more often. If you are new and would like to join a Gathering Group, please contact Anne.

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