Southpoint News November 23, 2017


Christmas is such a harried time of year, inwardly and outwardly. Ironically, many people feel the weight of darkness over the holidays and struggle for awareness of God’s presence. This Advent, we will be creating space in worship to enter the dark and engage this “absence”. We will empty the communion table of the elements. We will be clearing out the sermon and replacing it with lectio divina, a more reflective, silent, engagement of scripture.

Yet as we explore Absence, both our own seeming absence from God, and God’s seeming absence from us, we will also feel around in the dark for the hidden Presence. Like a mother carrying a child, waiting for the flutter of the baby within her, we will become still and silent, holding space to feel the movement of the hidden Christ within, even when God appears to be absent in the world around us. In other words, we will practice hope.

– Pastor Anne Smith


Please pray:

Please pray for Anne and Chris Hartnell. Chris suffered a small stroke during a medical procedure at  St. Paul’s hospital. He is home now, recovering.

Please pray for Laura and Ryan and their girls, as well as Laura’s mom, Ann. Ann suffered an unexpected brain aneurism and is now at VGH. She will undergo surgery Thursday morning. These are critical days, please keep them in your prayers.

Please pray for Kate Morgan who has been experiencing severe pain from her shoulder injury for many months now since her accident. She goes in for an MRI Thursday morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

And this is just our little corner of the world. Consider the suffering of our world, and the lovingkindness of God who holds this pain within God’s Self. Contemplate how Jesus drank our cup of suffering so that he might offer us the cup of life. May you grow aware of the God that cradles you, especially in middle of night.

Southpoint Staff Position:  Community Engagement Facilitator

The leadership team will soon begin the search for a five hrs/week community engagement facilitator. We also are looking to fill some administrative needs currently unmet since Karin returned to school. There is some flexibility to craft the position/s around the availability and skills of the individual. If you are interested in one or both of these positions, would you be in communication with Brent and/or Anne?

Calendar: November

Friday the 24th:  13+ Youth Group

Sunday the 26th:  Sunday service ALL IN 10:00 am:  “Preparing the Space for Advent” followed by a POTLUCK for everyone. A huge thank to Theresa and Brian’s Gathering Group for fixing soup for everyone. Please bring bread, baked goods, or other finger foods to share.Sunday the 26th:

Wednesday the 29th:  Advent Art Evening at 6:30 pm, in the Shelter at Kingfisher Farm  (Youth and Adults welcome)

Calendar: December

Sunday the 3rd: Advent Begins!  Service with lectio divina at 10:00 am, Sunnyside

Sunday the 3rd:  Junior Youth, 12:00-1:30 pm

Sunday the 10th:  Service with lectio divina at 10:00 am, Sunnyside

Sunday the 17th:  Service with lectio divina at 10:00 am, Sunnyside

Friday the 22nd:  Christmas Party at 6:30 pm, Centennial Arena, White Rock

Sunday the 24th: Christmas Eve Communion and Carol Service, at 4:00 pm, Brooksdale Environmental Centre;  Main house, 1620 192 Street, Surrey

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