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In advent, an angel bends low to speak into the ear of Mary. Mary runs to Elizabeth. Elizabeth embraces her and the baby leaps for joy.  The wise men climb onto their camels while the shepherds fall on their faces. Joseph walks through the night while Mary, groaning in pain, bends over the back of a donkey.  A soldier rips a child from his mother’s arm. The mother collapses at the soldier’s feet, begging him to stop. He reacts in anger and hits her. These are the postures of Advent. Advent is not an idea. It is a bodily reality.

This year, during our Advent vigil, we will be exploring the bodily reality of Advent.  We will look for the different postures mentioned in the lectionary texts, we will incorporate these into our worship, and invite you to weave them into your prayers at home.  As you move into Advent, pay attention to your body.  How does your body respond to fear? How doe it respond to delight and joy?.

Imagine you are one of the characters in the Christmas story. This Advent, try and imagine the story as if you were inside their skin.


November 29th:  SUNDAY SERVICE – ADVENT BEGINS   Speaker: Christie Goode
Special Congregational Meeting after church to welcome Evelyn Phillips into membership.

December 1st:     Parents  Meet Up/Tea:

December 6th:     SUNDAY SERVICE – Speaker, Christie Goode

December 11th:   Youth Group

December 13th:   SUNDAY SERVICE – Speaker, Christie Goode

December 18th:   “Joyeux Noel” 7:30 movie screening @ Brooksdale:  Bring a snack to share

December 20th:    ALL IN SERVICE

December 21st:     Ice Skating Christmas Party

December 24th:     CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE – Brooksdale @ 4

December 27th:     Christmas Caroling at Retirement Communities



Joyeux Noel” 7:30 movie screening @ Brooksdale
Matt Humphrey is inviting us to join him in their Christmas tradition of watching Joyeux Noel. This films tells the remarkably true story of the Christmas Day truce of 1914, during which the French, German, and Scottish soldiers meet on the front lines and negotiate a cease fire, which leads to singing of carols, the sharing of the Eucharist, and a soccer match.  The fellowship experienced there transforms the leaders of each side and the story follows this disruptive path on into the following year when those involved in the truce are punished by their superiors for their actions.

Theologically, this film beautifully depicts the radically disruptive nature of the Christ-event in the midst of a world hell-bent on violence and destruction.  That this event took place 100 years ago and our world is still shook to its core by war and violence makes this message all the more challenging still.  Roger Ebert writes, “”Joyeux Noël has its share of bloodshed, especially in a deadly early charge, but the movie is about a respite from carnage… Its sentimentality is muted by the thought that this moment of peace actually did take place, among men who were punished for it, and who mostly died soon enough afterward. But on one Christmas, they were able to express what has been called, perhaps too optimistically, the brotherhood of man.”
Matt writes, “I find this to be a film which, as the Quakers say, “speaks to our condition.”  And watching it has become something of a tradition for us around Christmas each year.  I’m happy to have a chance to see it together. “

Save the Date! Winter Retreat – February 5-8, 2016
We are once again planning a Winter Retreat at Camp Tulahead in Princeton, BC.  The Camp is about a 3-3.5 hour drive from the South Surrey area.   Come enjoy the many activities together: Ice Skating, board games, tobogganing, and meals.

There are just 6 weeks left to donate blood this year.  Hospitals never close and neither does Canadian Blood Services.  They need donors throughout the entire month of December. When donating remember we are in the Partners for Life Program and our church ID is: THEC180665

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