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The Many Faces of Grace: Giving

As a church, we want to give away 10% of our budget to organizations outside of our faith community. This is pretty cool for a tiny church like ours. Minimizing our overhead costs, keeping things simple, and working together frees us up to be generous with what God has given us. We are strategic and intentional in how we disburse these funds. Half of our budget stays local so we can invest in healthy communities, right where we are. Half of our budget goes global so we can address the imbalance of wealth in the world. We subdivide the local/global budgets again, so that half goes to relief – to organizations who are first responders on the front lines serving people in crisis. Half of it goes to development – to organizations working for long term change and growth in communities. By partnering with these organizations, we co-labour with God in making this world a more just and beautiful place. This past Sunday, the NET, our missions task force, shared four organizations that we have partnered with in the past and/or are considering partnering with in the future. Have a look, be inspired, and let us know which ones you find exciting:

Lifewater Canada Lifewater Canada trains and equips people in Haiti and Africa to drill wells, build washrooms, and maintain the water system, providing the clean water necessary for a healthy community. This organization uses innovative solutions adapted to the specific community. Many water systems are camouflaged in areas of conflict so they are not destroyed or contaminated by acts of war.

Umoja Operation Compassion Society Umoja’s vision is to build strong communities; moving from newcomers to neighbours. Our mission is to empower immigrants and refugees to successfully integrate into an inclusive Canadian society. Internationally, we support initiatives to improve the quality of life in global communities.

Preemptive Love Coalition A coalition stretching across Iraq, Syria, and beyond, working together to unmake violence and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. War-torn families shouldn’t have to brave bombs and bullets to reach the help they need. Their only option shouldn’t be the confines of a refugee camp, where their road to recovery will be even longer. We meet families on the front lines of conflict, providing them life-saving food, water, and medical care. We give them what they need to hold on and hold out. Refugees shouldn’t be forced to rely on handouts to survive. They have the skills and knowledge they need to rebuild their lives and provide for their families. They just need someone to stand with them. We create jobs for those victimized by ISIS. We provide small business grants, tools, and coaching so they can start again and so their families can flourish.

Himalayan Life   An internationally-recognized charity with offices in Switzerland, Canada, Nepal, and India, our mission is to protect, nurture and educate the children in the Himalayas. We run homes and programs both in Nepal and North India for street-kids, slave-kids, and abandoned kids. Our 30 staff are all committed to be agents of change, willing to take considerable risks for the betterment of the children’s lives.

Pastor Anne Smith

Calling all photographers, crocheters, painters and other visual artists: we would love to have you help guide us into Advent. Contact Angela if you are interested in participating in this.


Thank you for your prayers for continued healing and renewal for: Christine, Kate, Anne & Chris, Shirley and Ron Baxter. Our dear friends with their hands in Christ’s firm grip deeply covet and appreciate your intercession: ask for grace and light to push back the darkness of suffering and bring full healing.


Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. Lectio Divina with the Lectionary with Pastor Anne at her office at Third Space, 1381 George Street

Friday, November 10th and 24th: 13+ Youth Group

Sunday, November 12th Sunday service 10:00 a.m. Speaker:  Anne Smith

Sunday, November 19th Sunday service @10:00 a.m. Speaker:  Leah Kostamo

Tuesday, November 21st Evening Lectio Divina Group at Kingfisher Farm, 512 172 Street

Sunday, November 26th Sunday service ALL IN at 10:00 a.m. “Preparing the Space for Advent” followed by POTLUCK for everyone. A huge thank you to Theresa and Brian’s Gathering Group for fixing soup for everyone. Please bring bread, baked goods, or other finger foods to share.


Sunday, December 3rd Advent Begins!

Friday, December 22nd Christmas Skating Party 6:30 pm, Centennial Arena, White Rock


Winter Retreat at Camp Tulahead
Please fill out a registration form and submit to Colin by November 26, 2017 with all funds or the following: 50% due November 26, 2017 and 50% due January 14, 2018. Costs: Adults – $150, Children ages 6-11 are $130; Children 5 and under are free. Meals provided:  Friday snack; All meals Saturday; All meals Sunday; Brunch on Monday. Please direct questions to Colin.

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