Southpoint News October 12, 2017

the-fisherman-1441475The Net at Southpoint

God created a world of beauty, balance, and inter-connectedness. The human footprint has been heavy, leaving a trail of sorrow, imbalance, and fragmentation. Compelled by love, God is working to restore creation, reconciling all things through Christ.

At Southpoint, one of our four core images is The Net, which for me is rooted in God’s radical commitment to reconciliation and restoration. As Christ’s heart grows in us, our awareness of what is broken around us will increase. Broken people, broken systems, broken relationships, broken ecosystems will pain us. We will share in the fellowship of Jesus’ suffering. However, we will also have an increased hunger for sharing in the joy of resurrection. As ancient fishermen laboured over their nets, mending the tears and breaks in the fibres, so we will be compelled by love to labour for healing and reconciliation.

Mending the nets means reconciling relationships within our families, reaching out to our communities, and cultivating networks of meaningful mission. When we co-labour together on Sunday mornings, we mend the net. When we share our tithes and offerings, we mend the net. By limiting our program life so members can volunteer, serve, and build relationships in their neighbourhoods, we mend the net.

We have formed a mission task force at Southpoint called the Net. The NET is committed to creating missional partnerships locally and globally, cultivating a culture of care in Southpoint, and allocating mission funds. Our team? Willy, our team leader; Brian O., Markku, Loree, Craig and Anne. This week we met to allocate mission funds. We are grateful that because of your generosity, we can partner financially with organizations compelled by love to mend nets in our world.

The NET, with the approval of the Leadership Team, has allocated funds to Umoja, Union Gospel Mission, A Rocha, and World Vision in Puerto Rico. We are exploring four more global organizations with the intent of supporting at least one of those this year. Thank you for your generous financial giving which has allowed us to distribute our mission funds.

Community Highlights:

Mental Health Workshop
Saturday, November 4, 9:30 am
Regent College is hosting a Mental Health Workshop put on by a group called Sanctuary that helps create communities safe for folk with mental health issues. Contact Pastor Anne if you think you may like to attend with her. “We will engage with stories of individuals who have championed mental health ministries in their churches, giving special focus to the remarkable journey of Cedar Park Church in Ladner.”–2018/registration


Prayers for Puerto Rico, Mexico, California, and other countries affected by natural disasters.

Prayers for victims of violence around the world.

Prayers for peace between nations, and wisdom and self-control for the leaders of the nations.

Prayer for continued healing and renewal for: Christine, Kate, Anne and Chris, Shirley and Ron Baxter, and all our friends with their hands in Christ’s firm grip.


Lectio Divina with the Lectionary
Tuesdays at 9:00 am
@ Third Space


+13 Youth Small Group
6:00-8:00 pm, Fri.13th & 27th

Lectio workshop at Kingfisher Farm
7:30 pm, Tues. 24th
Child/family friendly


Christmas Skating Party
Save the Date Fri. 22nd

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