Southpoint News October 2, 2015

Oct 02, 2015

This Sunday, October 4th, we will honor the deep well of the Franciscan tradition by having a “Blessing of the Animals” during our children’s conversation. Here is one of Francis’ prayers, called Canticle of Creation, to whet your appetite!

Praised be You, my Lord, with all Your creatures,
especially Sir Brother Sun,
Who is the day and through whom You give us light.
And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor;
and bears a likeness of You, Most High One.

Praised be You, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars,
in heaven You formed them clear and precious and beautiful.

Praised be You, my Lord, through Brother Wind,
and through the air, cloudy and serene, and every kind of weather,
through whom You give sustenance to Your creatures.


  • TONIGHT!!! Intergenerational Game Night @ Shiloh Shelter, 512 172nd St., Kingfisher Farm. All are welcome. Bring a favorite snack and game to share. 7 pm.
  • October 4th: SUNDAY WORSHIP – Saint Francis Feast Day!
  • October 9th – YOUTH GROUP
  • October 11th – SUNDAY WORSHIP – Thanksgiving Sunday!


Who will speak for the rivers?

A proposal for a truck parking lot (with oil change and washing facilities) will endanger the Little Campbell River on the South side of 16th and just East of 192. The loss of this land would be an ecological tragedy.

There is a meeting to continue planning and organizing around the proposed truck parking lot development across from A Rocha (193/16th). We will meet next Tuesday October 6th at 7:15 at the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club.

If you would like to be on the email list getting updates and development on this project, email Angela Neufeld: angneufeld

Who will speak for the poor?

Check out the latest from Humans of New York: and read these personal accounts of refugees from Syria. If you could take one immediate action that would benefit these refugees from Syria, would you?

Check out this link: and look for Hopeful Gifts of Change. At the start of 2015, there were 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. CMB partners with churches in Lebanon to meet their needs. $40 will send a refugee child to a Love and Hope Camp. $95 will provide a refugee family a food basket of basics for the month, a gift that will be matched 4:1 by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. You will have fed a family for 4 months! That makes a difference!

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