Southpoint News October 23, 2015

Oct 23, 2015

ALL-OUT Church This Sunday:
“Deepening Our Connections”

“Why is this happening? What is wrong? What are we searching for? The one thing that is common to all these trends is connection. We are searching for connection. We want connection to people – ourselves, our family, our community, our friends, – to food, to place (where we live), and to life. We want connection to all that it means to live – we want to live a connected life.” – quote from Slow Movement website.

We are hardwired for connection – God made us for relationship – and it is essential to our wellbeing. We need engagement, and we grow through engagement. However, disconnection and disengagement at times feels much easier, particularly with the busy pace of our lives. We can’t assume it will just happen. We’ll need intentionality and a gentle structure if we want to take the lofty ideal of connection and root it into the nitty gritty of our lives.

Ever since our last AGM we’ve been circling around this theme of connection. This Sunday, we will continue this discussion in our 4 house-church breakfasts. By participating in this conversation, you will be participating in leadership at Southpoint. You will be helping discern how we can deepen our connections with God, Self, One Another, and the World. As we share breakfast together and converse, may we increase our openness to the Spirit, deepen our participation in the reconciling work of Jesus, and experience deepening responsiveness to God. Remember that this engagement will look different for each of us. It will depend on our stage of life, our personality, our capacity, and the work God is doing in each of us. In previous conversations we have explored our blocks to connection and our desire for connection. On Sunday morning, we will begin the next step: creating the necessary gentle structures in our church and in our lives to deepen these connections.


Laura and Ryan’s new adventure:
“Many of you know that I have decided to leave birth work and go fully into music, which for me at this time means writing, performing, and having a bit of a go at being a singer-songwriter (along with my dear husband, Ryan). We’ve named ourselves The Kwerks, a name that has some significant meaning and also speaks of our comedic side. 🙂 If you’d like to keep up with what we’re doing, know when our upcoming album is released, and hear about performance dates, you can sign up on our email list by visiting our and clicking “receive email updates”. We are really excited about this adventure! Come follow along!”

Interested in exploring membership @ Southpoint Church?
Please contact Anne via email:
Someone from the leadership team will be in touch to chat about membership over a hot drink @ SRCS.

Rev. Anne Smith
Pastor of Church at Southpoint

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