Fall Back

Oct 31, 2015

As you lie in bed for that extra hour, do this little bit of homework to make our time together more interesting…

A priest named Urban T. Holmes devised a way of describing four different types of spirituality. He devised this not so he could pigeonhole people into strict catagories but to affirm that there are differing well worn spiritual paths people follow. We are drawn to different paths depending on both our natural inclinations and our need for growth. No one type takes priority over the other. Each type needs the balance of the others. However, we are all “divergent”. No person fits completely into one type.

I spoke of Holme’s 4 Types of Spirituality during worship on Oct. 18th. Tomorrow we will revisit this material and dialogue about the implications this has for our community. If you were not able to attend, please take a moment to read the summary of Holmes’ types below. In preparation for worship, please go the site listed below, take the spiritual type inventory. Then, go the second site to place your answers in a brief, 1 question survey through survey monkey. Voila! We shall have a wee summary of our community’s preferences:)



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